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Category: Act!
16 June 2015

ACT-subscription-logoAs the deadline approaches for Business Care renewals (June 30th), we're frequently asked how the new ACT subscription differs from the Business Care subscriptions so many of our customers are used to, and the short answer is "not much".
ACT Subscription is meant to provide a simple, uniform customer experience that bundles many benefits together so that people have the resources and support to get the most out of the program.
That said, there are some differences between the two subscription programs, and consumers should understand what they are before renewing.

The costs differences are negligible. Most migrations from Bronze to Bronze, Silver, to Silver, or Gold to Gold represent an increase of only 4-9% depending on the quantity being purchased.
This amount becomes less significant when you consider that last year's Business Care rates were reduced based on the expectation that there would not be an ACT v17 released in 2014. Well it was, and now the prices are simply being restored to their 2013 levels.


    • Support: In general, there is only improvements in benefits here. If you were a Silver Business Care subscriber, your support experience will be identical. Gold Subscribers will also get the same service they've come to expect when they upgrade to the Premium Support package.


    • Email Marketing: Business Care customers who are currently using the discount will keep their discount upon renewal into subscription. Business Care customers who are not currently taking advantage of the discount will lose the right to it upon migration to subscription.


    • Handheld Contact: Business Care customers who are currently using the discount may continue to receive the discount until the end of their HHC contract. Upon renewal of their contract, customers will no longer have access to the discount and may pay full price for Handheld Contact.


    • Training Videos: Previously under Business Care, Bronze subscribers received a 50% discount on the ACT Essentials and ACT Administrator Video Libraries. Silver subscribers received ACT Essentials for Free and a discount on the Admin course. Gold subscribers got access to both for free.
      Under the new subscription packages everyone gets both video libraries for free, which includes over five hours of video training at no additional cost, which is a value of $158 per year, per user. This is an excellent value for businesses that need to onboard new staff during the course of of their subscription period, and now can get them trained easily, quickly, and for free.


    • ACT License Fulfillment:Unchanged. All tiers of Business Care previously received all updates and upgrades during the term of their subscription, and the new format provides the same.

Migration Paths to Subscription

What is the migration path for current Act! (non-Business Care) Customers?
Act! v15-v17 users can get access to Loyalty Pricing by calling Act! Sales or their ACC and placing an order for whichever option is best. We suggest leading with the annual subscription, or if they are attached to maintaining license permanence, lead with the Perpetual option. Act! v14 and older customers may call in to place an order (at standard pricing).

What happens to customers on Business Care?
Customers on Business Care are able to continue receiving the benefits of their existing Business Care plan until the existing contract end-date. At time of renewal, they may migrate to one of the new subscription plans- details for which plan is best for which Business Care customer are below. All Business Care customers retain license permanence at no additional cost (therefore, the Perpetual option is unnecessary for this group).

Business Care customers must renew into a new subscription plan within 30 days of the end of their current Business Care contract in order to be able to take advantage of the grandfathered license permanence. Loyalty pricing will be available for a limited time only.

What is the Pricing for ACT Subscription?

ACT Premium Subscription Pricing (New)
Seats Volume
(per user)
(per user)
1-4 0% $250.00 USD $500 USD
5-19 5% $237.50 USD $475 USD
20-49 10% $225.00 USD $450 USD
50-99 15% $212.50 USD $425 USD
100+ TBD Call for pricing

Please note that Business Care subscribers get "perpetual" licensing with their ACT subscription at no additional charge. Annual subscribers within the "loyalty" period, basically pay twice the annual subscription in the first year to get perpetual licensing.

ACT Premium Subscription Pricing (ACT 2013-v17 & Business Care Migration)
Seats Volume
(per user)
(per user)
1-4 0% $190.00 USD $380 USD
5-19 5% $180.50 USD $361 USD
20-49 10% $171.00 USD $342 USD
50-99 15% $161.50 USD $323 USD
100+ TBD Call for pricing

ACT Premium Cloud Subscription is also available in conjunction with Keystroke's existing hosting rates and any of the software subscription rates listed above. A one-time $100 setup fee applies to ACT Premium Cloud subscribers in Canada.

ACT Premium Cloud Subscription Pricing (new & renew)
Seats Volume
(per user)
(per user)
(per user)
1-4 0% $350.00 USD $105.00 USD n/a
5-19 5% $332.50 USD $99.75 USD n/a
20-49 10% $315.00 USD $94.50 USD n/a
50-99 15% $297.50 USD $89.25 USD n/a
100+ TBD Call for pricing

ACT Gold Support includes priority service with ACT Level 2 techs, appointment setting, and call back service.

ACT Premium Gold Support Upgrade 
(must be added to existing Premium or Premium Cloud subscription)
Seats Volume
(per user)
(per user)
All n/a $60.00 USD $60.00 USD

In summary, ACT by Subscription offers Business Care subscribers the same or better customer experience as they've come to expect from Swiftpage, and for them the difference is in name only.

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