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Act! Licensing Changes - FAQ - - World's #1 Act! Reseller

Category: Act!
23 February 2017

Beginning with Act! v19.1, entitlement for Act! Premium will be enforced at the .x version level (e.g. 19.0, 19.1, 19.2, etc.)

Q.  Why the change for Act! Premium?
A.    With the move to subscription, customers are entitled to the most current software only if they are actively subscribed. The nature of the .x releases is different under this more frequent release cadence, in that each release may contain a combination of subscriber exclusive new features, services, and product enhancements.

Q.    What about customers who purchase the rights to a perpetual license with their subscription?
A.   These customers will still receive a serial number for a perpetual license when they elect not to renew, and it will be for the version in-market at tie time (e.g. 19.0, 19.1, 19.2, etc.) From there, they will not receive further updates for those perpetual licenses. They will be able to purchase additional licenses for new users for that same specific version. Should the customer seek to access new functionality, services, or engage with Support, they would need to re-subscribe.

Q.  Will I still get critical fixes if I am not actively subscribed to Act! Premium?
A.   If a fix is deemed critical (risk of data loss, etc.), hot fixes can be deployed for inactive subscribers using supported versions of Act!.

Q.   What if I am still on an Act! Premium Business Care plan and have not yet migrated to subscription?
A.   Customers on an Act! Premium Business Care plan are considered 'active' subscribers, even though they have not made a move to the new subscription model. Therefore, they are entitled to the .x releases at no extra charge but will need to be issued and enter a new serial number. Once they move to the new subscription model has been made at the end of their Business Care contract, they will be issued a subscription serial number which will be valid until they opt to cancel their subscription.

Q.   Does this change affect Pro customers in any way?
A.   Pro customers will still receive the .x releases within the 19 series (e.g. v19.O, v19.1, VI 9.2) at no additional charge during this transition period. These releases will not require a new serial number. Beginning with v20, each release of Pro will be separately licensed and charged for. Additional licenses of older versions will be available.

Q.   Does this change the Support Obsolescence Policy — e.g. the dates on which product versions are no longer supported?
A.   For the 19.X series of releases, no, this date remains 11/30/19 in North America. Support Obsolescence dates for v20.X and beyond have not yet been determined.

In Summary:

Two years ago Swiftpage joined the rest of the CRM world and switched over to a subscription based system, and they spent the first 18-months heavily incentivizing people to migrate over to this payment method.
Users that chose instead to purchase perpetual licensing, received one year of program updates/upgrades, and the perpetual license key for the last version they were entitled to. This is far more generous than the old method of receiving one Act! version with a 9-10 months of hotfixes and service packs to that one version.
I would argue that purchasers of perpetual licensing now get MORE for their money because they can expect UPGRADES as well as UPDATES for a year. Perpetual purchasers should not expect one year of upgrades & two years of updates.
From my perspective, Swiftpage is delivering precisely what they promised, and this policy clarification is in alignment with what subscribers & perpetual users should expect.

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