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Category: Technology
January 19 2015

IT iStock_000016717518XSmallis one of the most important parts of any business in the modern age. Websites, servers, CRM software, desktop computing, cash inventory, order process, and online communications are all touched by a computer in some way. So why do most small business owners only call IT professionals when something breaks.

Managing your own IT needs internally may seem cheaper on the surface, but it is seldom the case. Setting aside time wasted by employees troubleshooting their own computers, business often lose time (and money) by not implementing efficiency based technology like VPN's, secure remote access, VOIP telephony, Intranet, or cloud based applications. And hidden costs associated with poorly managed security measures like Firewall's, blocking foreign IP subnets, and weak password policies can both compromise your critical business data and lead to additional system downtime.
Even security conscious business owners that insist on managing their own IT needs tend to overspend on name brand Anti-Virus & Firewall solutions thinking their "erring on the side of caution". Truth is they could have spent less deploying a centralized server-based solution that scale for their business, and would have been more effective, cheaper AND less vulnerable to user updates.

I've often said "if you think CRM software is expensive, try running your business without one". The same can be said for an IT support team. Simple things like the absence of an intelligent disaster recovery plan, can costs business thousands in downtime and data retrieval, but few people ever test whether their backups are working. We've seen customers purchase retail backup products thinking their data was safe, only to discover the cheap software bundled with these devices skips over open files when backing up. In other words, their accounting, CRM, and all user data that is most actively used is often the data most likely to be left unprotected. A secondary offline backup solution could have safeguarded this data for as little as $55/year, but business owners don't do it because they're either unaware of such solutions, or don't understand the redundant need for them? Having witnessed firsthand the the reaction to people losing all their accounting data, we can assure you those same people would have forsaken all savings to get their data back.

3d human character. Doctor for you computerCalling a tow truck when your car breaks down is not a substitute for maintenance, and the same approach should be taken with your businesses IT needs. A "reactionary" approach severely limits the recovery options, and perhaps your business, as well.

Discussing your business growth plans with your IT support team will ensure the proper systems are in place for security, scalability, and efficiency. Whether your needs are scheduled remote services, full-time managed services, or on-demand consulting, Keystroke has 21 years of experience to serve you,
Please contact us for more information about how we can serve you.

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