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Written by Ken Quigley
October 25 2021

We’re frequently asked by customers if it's necessary to create a login before purchasing products on our website, and the short answer is no. Guest checkouts have been supported on our site for years. Having said that, we don't recommend them, and here's why.

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Confidentiality: Per our Privacy Policy no customer contact information, purchase patterns or preferences are ever shared with parties outside of our organization. Full stop. We also don't use your purchase patterns to personalize your experience or present user-related content. It's not that we feel this practice is an intrusion on user privacy, it's just not the customer experience we built our site for.

Contact Information: As for your contact details, checking out as a guest does NOT give us less of that information, it just means you have to type it in more often. Each time, in fact. If you're already registered with our site, our database can recognize you and plug in your billing information automatically, and thereby speeding up the checkout process. 

For what it's worth, anonymity is a moot point for most visitors anyway. The majority of people that purchase from our site are responding to emails we’ve sent them. Yes, many find our site organically, through referrals, or search results, but this is a small percentage compared to those we already have in our database.

Payment Information: While billing information is stored in our system, payment information or preferences aren't.

Purchase History: Checking out as a guest does not allow you to return later to review your purchase history or order details. Customers often ask us to “resend” them their license key or download details, when both are visible when they return to our site and log in.

In fact, customers who log in can view their entire purchase history, print past receipts, retrieve past order numbers & license keys, reorder products, and possibly even be entitled to special discounts. Whereas checking out as a guest requires you to keep track of the order confirmation emails sent post-purchase. If those are lost, you have no proof of purchase and potentially could lose access to the products you paid for.

Logging into your account also allows our site to track your shopping cart items in the event you're unable to complete a purchase at that time. If you come back later and log in, you simply click "Cart" and see where you left off. This can save our online customers both time and trouble, but only if they're logged into their account.

Reseller Tools: Resellers who use our site have MANY more reasons to log in than regular end-users. Resellers get access to extensive tools including Inventory and License management, as well as the ability to renew, merge, and top-up license keys. We've even added some of these reseller tools to the end-user portal, as well.

Registering with our website saves our customers time, provides them visibility on past purchases, makes them eligible for exclusive promotions, and costs them nothing. Don't have an account yet? Sign-up HERE today to get started, or click HERE if you've setup an account, but forgetten your password.

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