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Written by Ken Quigley
January 16 2023

People's journey to CRM are always different, and their journey to Act! are often more so. Sometimes people use a method until they outgrow it, others simple use the products they're introduced to along the way. However, people arrive to Act! CRM, the inventor of CRM, we at Keystroke want to make that final migration process as painless as possible, so we're listing the following tools as options for new Act! users.

  1. qsales-classic-new-tile-side-view3bQuickBooks: If you have no CRM, but are using QuickBooks, users can use Qsales to not only migrate over all the contact information of their Customers & Vendors, but bring over the transaction information, as well. What's more, this service is available to both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online customers of any tier.

    Price: $120/pupy
    Product Link

  2. tiletag2Outlook: People don't often start using Outlook as their de facto CRM, but end up stumbling into it nevertheless through the use of the contacts and calendars. Once in it, though, they quickly discover the reporting, pipeline, and logging limits of using it as a CRM, but the pain of transitioning to a proper CRM is often greater than the pain of sticking with Outlook.
    Not any more!
    Act4outlook v7 will soon include an Outlook importer that enables new Act! users to create a new database and migrate all their contacts & calendars items over with one easy-to-use wizard.
    Price: $39.95 per activation
    Product Link

  3. migrateadmin2-new-tile-side-view3Goldmine CRM: There was a time in the 1990's and early 2000's that Goldmine was a player in the CRM space, but through questionable management and pricing strategies, they self-eliminated a while ago, and now their diehard legacy users occupy only a very small percentage of the market. For those loyal holdouts, we have MigrateAdmin for you. This tried & true wizard converts both DBF and SQL Goldmine Databases over to Act!, untethering you from the technical debt of your past.
    Price: $299.95
    Product Link

  4. mergeadmin2-new-tile-side-view3Spreadsheets: It shouldn't come as a surprise that many new Act! customers come to us from using spreadsheets. Whether they kept these files updated for merge mailing, marketing, or simple access purposes, it's easy to see how they'd outgrow them. The trouble used to be how to get that data over to a Act!., but Keystroke is solving that problem with a unique offer.
    All new Keystroke customers purchasing their Act! through us who have all their data in spreadsheets can now get a free unthrottled 30-day version of MergeAdmin
    Price: $129.95 
    Product Link


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