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Category: News
Written by Ken Quigley
November 08 2021

Last week we announced our acquisition of ASDS's add-on products, including such time-tested tools as MigrateAdmin, FaxAdmin, AutoAdmin,  and MergeAdmin,, amongst others. These products have been enjoyed by customers for over 20+ years, but many updates were required to make them work with current versions of Act!. We're pleased to report that this updating process is near completion, and that most of these add-ons now support Act! v24 - the first 64-bit version of Act! (only DocAdmin & FaxAdmin support up to v23).

To help past customers move to the latest version of Act! without losing access to these add-ons, we're launching a unique "Winback" promo that will offer all past ASDS add-on customers the opportunity to upgrade their software for only 35% of these products' current retail price. That's right, a whopping 65% discount off the current retail prices. The reason this promo is so aggressive is it's also our way of introducing our new Maintenance & Support (M&S) plans for these products.

Maintenance & Support Plans (M&S) are nothing new. We have them in place with our Qsales product, and they were available years ago with Act! in the name of "Business Care" up until May 2015, before they gave way to subscription. Our M&S plans are optional subscriptions that provide product updates & support during their term. If customers let their maintenance lapse, the addons will continue to work, but they will not be able to upgrade their Act!, apply any updates, or receive any phone or email support. As M&S plans are only available with current plans at renewal, expired users will need to buy the product again at full price to reinstate their maintenance/support (all new purchases include software maintenance & support in the first year).

M&S plans make it cost-effective for customers to get ongoing updates and support for their products. We priced M&S at 35% of the retail price to make it a great value for anyone that upgrades their Act! every three years or less. 

It should also be noted that with our acquisition of these products, the old ASDS activation server was taken down. This means that all legacy versions of the ASDS products are no longer supported, because they cannot be reinstalled and activated. Customers with these add-ons installed will continue to be able to use them, but any major Windows update or hardware change on their workstation that prompts a call to the defunct activation server will likely disable these products. 

As this Winback promo ends on December 17th, now is a great time to upgrade ASDS products to the Keystroke versions, save 65% off the cost of new, and get another year of support and updates in the process. Winback is a Win-Win for everyone, and you'll also be free to upgrade to Act! v24, and turbocharge your Act! with 64-bit.

The process is simple. Click HERE to be taken to our upgrade page, and select the product you wish to update from the left dropdown list. Once that is done, paste your old key into the right field and then click SUBMIT. Our system will then immediately report if the key is eligible to upgrade, and if yes, will present a discounted price that the customer can take through checkout. Upon completion, they'll be given a new download link and license key which they can use to upgrade their software. It's that simple.




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