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Category: News
Written by Ken Quigley
August 10 2022

The following is a list of known defects that were fixed with Update 6 to Act! v24 that was released on July 26th. Please click HERE for a more detailed list of fixes included in previous updates, or click HERE to find the download for Update 6. All other updates are available for download at .  

Issue Number Description
AS-173 MTA - Word integration - Write > Letter Mail Merge to one contact does not use current contact data
AS-1731 Act! Word Processor send to email includes CSS and HTML in body of email
AS-322 MTA Parity - ALPHA: Creating a template via Write > New Letter/Email Template... from the Write menu defaults to Word Document and not ADT
AS-497 Change layout in Act! and Act Crashes
AS-699 Attach to Contacts' from Secondary Mailbox records Date/Time incorrectly
AS-764 Outlook Addin translations missing
AS-907 "How to manage users..." link in "Manage Users" -> "Edit User Information" leads to incorrect page
AS-984 Accepting Activity from Outlook with 'Edit and Create Activity' selected provides incorrect time
AS-1000 TS - Adding attachment to history adds item to documents and not history.
AS-1036 Shortcut to enter Euro (€) currency symbol aligns text to center
AS-1155 APFW - Background colors don't display on the Relationships tab preview pane
AS-1237 APFW / APC - Navbar lookup - Make field selection sticky
AS-1330 Act! Reader fails to launch
AS-1334 Layout Pick-List shows blank
AS-1344 TS - APFW/APC - Remote database creation fails from web if RDB is 2GB or over.
AS-1402 Can not search for accents in Notes
AS-1404 Stage Start Date within opportunities
AS-1405 When sending a Report to printer cannot select pages / print range
AS-1493 ACT email verbiage in email system setup
AS-1495 Logging with x64 does not always record
AS-1501 Outlook Addin -Unable to uncheck "Create Meeting Invite" in addin create activity dialog
AS-1630 Alarm pop up showing wrong "Due in" time
AS-1632 Creating History and selecting "Type" as "Other", "Result" as "Attachment", then Act! creates matching entry on the "Documents" tab
AS-1660 Don't require to run Act! as Admin when setting up remote sync
AS-1667 Google Oauth needs to be updated by the 9/5/22 deadline
AS-1688 Outlook Addin -Attach to Contact do not match on Additional email fields
AS-1699 DE - Network sync service syncs incorrect number value to publisher database from client
AS-1702 User to User Emails Never Record History(outlook addin)
AS-1703 R&D APFW/APC - Remote database creation fails from web if RDB is 2GB or over.
AS-1724 MTA - Act Outlook/Google Calendar synchronization will sync then unsync activities at next try
AS-1727 Translation defects for Set Up Synchronization wizard
AS-1729 RTF/HTML control does not work well when crossing web/windows environments
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