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Category: News
Written by Ken Quigley
September 07 2022

The following is a list of known defects that were fixed with Update 7 to Act! v24 that was released on September 8th. Please click HERE to find the download for Update 7. All other updates are available for download at .  

A detailed list of items in this release

  • AS-1833: v24 Update 7 backport - Set field validation to happen upon save:
    When setting the database name, the field validation which prevents specific words from being used, was being too aggressive with its validation, at times not allowing words that should be allowed. Setting the validation to happen upon save instead of as the user is typing has resolved this.

  • AS-1813: Date and currency change to USA format when using Remote Synchronization
    This issue was part of the larger “decimal” issue that was resolved in the last update. The root of this issue was after a sync happened the currency for international customers would be displayed in USA format. We have resolved this issue to display currency in the proper format for all users.

  • AS-1658: Custom Table: Merge to - Word outputs error
    An error message was benignly displayed when trying to save Word template when using a custom table record. We worked with Keystroke to resolve this issue.

  • AS-1839: Update Custom Tables in v24.0.7
    We received an updated Custom Tables package from Keystroke. This Jira ticket is the task of updating the Custom Tables version within Act!

  • AS-1827: Outlook addin - Translation issues on prefs dialog(Update 24.0.7)
    There was a text string that needed to have its translation corrected within the preference dialog.

  • AS-1841: ISPA needs update for Google auth flow like Preferences for token refresh
    Google changed the way the authentication flow and token refresh happens, requiring an update in the authentication logic. We engaged with the ISPA team to have them update their flow to match Google’s requirements. 

  • AS-1870: API - OData query for activities with AccessorID, StartTime, and isCleared fails
    We found an issue with a search query using the API which, if it included a set of specific parameters would fail. We have since corrected this issue so that the API returned the expected data. This was affecting the Activities component specifically.

  • AS-1867: AMA times out when sending test email in a campaign with lots of contacts
    We optimized an API query that is used to get contacts when sending a test message or campaign. Before the optimization, there were instances of the API timing out if the contact list was large. The optimizations we’ve made allow for larger contact groups to be sent to in a timely manner.
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