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Written by Ken Quigley
April 30 2023

In early April, we announced the Canadian Act! Premium Cloud servers were scheduled to be deployed in early May, and we're delighted to announce that day has arrived. There won't be any special trial links, as the old links will work as they did previously, but users entering a Canadian address during their sign-up will be routed to the appropriate servers. It couldn't be simpler, or more welcome.

You can read the Act! announcement of these new servers HERE.

To celebrate this occasion, we thought it would be appropriate to again partner with Second Harvest to raise meals for those Canadians suffering from food insecurity, much as we did in December.

The goal in May is to donate 5% of all Act! Premium Cloud sales to Second Harvest to raise 7,000 meals. In December, we raised 10,000 meals, but we counted on our customers being extra generous over the holidays, and they delivered. Also, this campaign is focused on one product line, so we have to adjust our goals accordingly.

The Act! to End Hunger campaign is a great cause, but we believe the benefits of Act! Premium Cloud in Canada will appeal to businesses of all sizes:

  • position4Flexibility: APC offers deployments on both on-premise & in the Cloud with minimal setup or investment required
  • Convenience: Instant online access and cross-platform support means more of your team can access the data where and how they need it. Act! also handles all your database backups and maintenance.
  • Minimal investment: No more investing in server or network upgrades because Act! does all that for you in their secure Amazon data centres. 
  • Get all your Act! subscription benefits: If you've wanted to leverage Act! Marketing Automation, Act! Companion, or the powerful Linktivity Suite, APC offers instant access to a robust & reliable Web API.
  • Latest & greatest: APC also handles all your software upgrades, ensuring you enjoy the latest Act! features, fixes,  and compatibility updates. 
  • Compliance: Industries such as wealth management, insurance, health, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, and others are prohibited from hosting their data outside of the country, and now Canadian practitioners in these fields can finally use Act! Premium Cloud with comfort, confidence, and compliance.

Act! Premium Cloud costs $360 USD/ PUPY for web-only access, and $480 USD /PUPY for desktop sync. Act! is the only CRM to provide reliable, feature-rich deployment options both on-premise and online, and Act! Premium Cloud delivers the best value for this. If you'd like to get an ONLINE QUOTE, or take a free 2-WEEK TRIAL, May is the month to Act!. You'll not only take steps to grow your business with the inventory of CRM technology, but you'll also be helping us feed Canadians in need.



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