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Category: Open Mike
Written by Mike Muhney
February 27 2020

A Matter of Perspective
The mind is an amazing vista. On the one end it can be an impossible battlefield fraught with doubt, fear, uncertainty, etc. On the other end it can hold unlimited potential of opportunity and success. The headline of this article itself shows that by making some fundamental and essential repositioning of our thoughts what they can mean then to our actions and ultimate outcome. In the case of the headline, using the exact same letters, simply by inserting a different “perspective of thought” via an apostrophe and a space between two letters a whole new dimension of attitude and possibility emerges.

The Graveyard of Loss and Unrealized Dreams
I have heard it said that not even poets can describe the potential of the human heart and mind. It has also been said that the most valuable piece of real estate anywhere in the world is the graveyard. Why? Because within it contains the dreams, visions, plans and overall what-if’s that never made it to fruition but which contained unlimited possibilities if they had only been acted upon. But there is clearly a separation between the what-if’s and the I-still-can’s that resides squarely in the unlimited and indefinable vista called the mind. Your mind.

The Landscape of Infinite Potential
There is no coincidence in the fact that one of the descriptions we use to characterize people is to identify them as dreamers. The poet Carl Sandburg said “Nothing happens unless first a dream.” The long-decease baseball legend Satchel Paige said “Ain’t no man can avoid being born average, but there ain’t no man got to be common.” What is essential, initially, is that you allow and enable yourself to dream, to think big, even crazily, if you are ever to begin to fulfill your destiny from which action must follow. It is the difference between you allowing the world to change you and you changing the world.

The Acorn of Your Mind
The journey of your own transformation of thought and purpose, however, cannot remain strictly with you. For it to be real, it has to be enacted upon with others to become real and meaningful. Thus, your perspective, beginning with yourself and which does contain all of the potential for your success, cannot be fully realized without a corresponding change in attitude and perspective toward others. How you view them, how you treat them, and how you give rather than take from them holds all the elements of realizing your greatest dreams. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The creation of a thousand forests lies in one acorn.”

About Mike Muhney

Mike Muhney is the Co-Inventor of ACT!, and is a recognized expert in the domain of Relationships and Reputations having pioneered the entire Relationship Management and CRM global industry. Today Mike is a Keynote Professional Speaker sharing principle-based insights and inspiration helping people and businesses to achieve greater and stronger relevant relationships from which all livelihoods and success depends. Using his S.T.A.R. program he helps people and businesses understand how to achieve not only excellent but elite relationship connections and elevate their reputations that drive referrals and sustained customer loyalty.  Visit for further information. Mike can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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