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Category: Open Mike
Written by Mike Muhney
January 30 2020

Despite the commoditization of so much in our lives, one thing certainly isn’t, people. People want to be recognized, and uniquely so. The outgrowth of social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, has enabled each of us to express our individuality and ourselves. Isn’t it great that people are so willing to share more personal information about them than ever before, which provides us a means to learn more about them as a result? More than ever before we’re able to get a fuller picture of a person, and as such obtain a better baseline of whom they really are. But having their information is one thing, what to do with it is another. Filling that gap is where each of us can further go towards having an even deeper relationship with people. Filling that gap is what also can distinguish us from others, especially in contrast to our competition where the relationships are in their early stages from a business relationship perspective. After all, that same competition has the same access to the same information and therein lays your opportunity for a more meaningful and closer relationship. Toward this opportunity let me share three insights with you that are sure to help.

  1. Knowing the data is vastly different from knowing how to use the data. As is pointed out in the headline of this article, relationships will never progress even with the knowledge of the data provided by others about themselves. More importantly, it is what you need to do with it to drive toward greater connections with people.

  2. How to use the data to turn it from a commodity to unique connection. Perceive the user-provided data as a starting point, not an end point. Fundamentally, what people share expresses their interests and passions. It’s more than just letting you know that you might have something in common perhaps, and even if you don’t have their expressions as your own interests and passions has no bearing on how to create quicker and longer lasting connections with people.

  3. Unique connections are more likely to occur when you let others expound on what you know about them. Having an interest in others such that you investigated their posts has to go beyond that to connect. How? Very simply, get them to talk about themselves pertinent to something you know about them. For example, it’s one thing to know that someone likes international traveling. You may like it too, even if you’ve yet to experience it. Regardless, express your interest in their interest and ask them where they’ve been, what did they enjoy about it, would they recommend going there and if so what in particular to see and do. It opens them up, and more precisely it opens them up to you. Where and when people open up to others, and more personally so, the path to greater relationship value exists, especially if others who may also know that same raw data haven’t used it to draw more depth out of the people that provided it in the first place.

Using technology to streamline information about people and equalizing everyone’s access to it can only in the end make a difference if it is used as a springboard and not as a hammock in really getting to know others, and them letting you into more of the inner orbits of their lives. After all, it’s there that the greater potential lays between the two of you.


About Mike Muhney

Mike Muhney is the Co-Inventor of ACT!, and is a recognized expert in the domain of Relationships and Reputations having pioneered the entire Relationship Management and CRM global industry. Today Mike is a Keynote Professional Speaker sharing principle-based insights and inspiration helping people and businesses to achieve greater and stronger relevant relationships from which all livelihoods and success depends. Using his S.T.A.R. program he helps people and businesses understand how to achieve not only excellent but elite relationship connections and elevate their reputations that drive referrals and sustained customer loyalty.  Visit for further information. Mike can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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