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Written by Ken Quigley
June 01 2019

If you’re currently an Act! subscriber paying $300 per seat (or less with loyalty), the math on getting your team’s database hosted is pretty simple – add $120 per user/year. And while there are many advantages of outsourcing the Act! hosting, here are the top five reasons that move a majority of our customers to entrust us with their database:

  1. Tier 3 Data centre performance: our data center’s provide fast Fiber optic dedicated network connections, 3-weeks of fault tolerant electrical & Internet, with 24-hour hardware & software monitoring of connectivity, hardware health, and Act! services.
  2. Fast & simple setup and maintenance: Setup temporary or remote users immediately with Act! for Web without the need for software installations or database downloads. Similarily, upgrades of the master databases to new versions of Act! are done free and outside of normal business hours as part of your Act! subscription and hosting.
  3. Cost Savings vs DIY: Why pay for expensive server software & hardware, upgraded Internet service, and engage costly IT staff (who seldom know anything about Act!) to deploy it internally, when your costs are fixed with Act! hosting? Self-hosting also involves IT costs associated with database upgrades, backups, maintenance, disaster recovery, security patches, and general troubleshooting often by themselves exceed the cost of outsourcing the database hosting.
  4. Improved database security: All hosted databases are stored on secure, offline servers that cannot be hacked from the Internet. We are fully SOC 2compliant, meaning our customer's data is handled securely, and our support for TLS2 means that all data that passes between connections is fully encrypted to prevent interception or tampering. 
  5. Response Time & Ease of Service Delivery: If a team member needs to be deployed, database changes made, passwords forgotten, data restored, or time-sensitive admin changes are required, we have more full-time Act! Consultants on hand than anyone else in the industry. The best part is this service is commonly delivered at no additional cost!

One of the advantages you may not have considered, though, is that unlike Swiftpage hosting, Keystroke Hosting offers an upgraded tier of services called “Ultimate Hosting” that is ideal for customers needing faster performance (up to 3x as fast as Swiftpage), enhanced load balancing & reliability, a single login experience, and support for compatible add-ons.

Previously customers valued the free support for Handheld Contact hosting (HHC subscription sold separately) included with Ultimate hosting, plus bowser based support for add-on products like Act4support, Act4wealth, and Act4mortgages, just to name a few, but we're adding more.

Starting June 3rd Keystroke is making the cost justification for upgrading to Ultimate hosting a whole lot easier for Act! subscribers, as we're now bundling $50 worth of free software with the $50 hosting upgrade. Yes, you read that right.  Ultimate Hosting subscribers now receive a free license of the newly released Act4outlook Web (the Web API successor to the most popular add-on of all time) and free access to Quoting4act Web bundled with their Ultimate hosting. Here are some of the product details:

  • Act4outlook Web: The best Act-Outlook integration just got better as Ac4outlook Web now works with hosted databases directly through the WebAPI, as well as 64-bit versions of Office. Even if you work with a local database, you can use Act4outlook Web with your local copy of Outlook, and record history to the hosted database. 
    ($25 USD value per year/user)
  • Quoting4Act Web: Creating a quote is now as easy as creating an opportunity. From within a new or existing Opp, simply click the Quoting4Act! button, and your Opp is converted into a sophisticated quoting module that allows you to calculate shipping fees, sales taxes, and even foreign exchange. You can also embed your company's logo, corporate colors, contact information, tax code, and disclaimer text to create a professional looking quotation any company would be proud to present. 
    ($25 USD value per year/user)

If you're not a current Act! subscriber, but have perpetual licensing for a supported version of Act!, you can still get Quoting4Act! with your Ultimate Hosting upgrade, but the cost will be another $30 more per user, and will not include Act!4outlook Web since WebAPI access is restricted to those with a current Act! subscription.

To learn more about our Ultimate hosting upgrade service, please click HERE.

Some conditions apply:

  • Cannot redeem licensing of Act4outlook Web or Quoting4act Web for the corresponding Windows versions of these products
  • No cash value, and discounts on hosting are not available if this free offer is not redeemed
  • Free licensing of these add-ons must run coterminous with Ultimate hosting period, and therefore are only available at commencement of term or upon renewal.
  • WebAPI addons require an active Act! subscription, and Act! Pro hosting is not eligible for this promotion.
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