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Written by Ken Quigley
June 06 2022

Software add-ons that are made to work with all CRM’s will always be a little weaker than those designed to work with one. The simple truth is each CRM works a little differently, they use different API technology, and have different methods, so it’s naturally harder to make an add-on where one size fits all.

That was our thinking when we designed the Linktivity series of online products, and most specifically the new Link2quotes Team Edition. Link2quotes Team Edition was designed by Act! users for Act! users, and leverages the Act! Web API to create the fastest, easy-to-use quoting product on the market. We even use it internally.

Here are the top 6 reasons Link2quotes is the best quoting solution for Act! users:

  1. Flexibility: As an online product, Link2quotes works with Act! Premium Desktop or Cloud, and functions equally well in a PC or Mac environment, and even with Tablets. So yes, it works with Act! from anywhere on anything.

  2. Ease of use: Many quoting applications that are built for all industries and all CRM’s are difficult to set up and learn, and often include tons of features you’ll never use.
    Link2quotes has no software to install, and setups up in minutes. What’s better, your sales team will be selling with it in the first hour as it’s incredibly easy to use, and integrates so naturally with Act!.
    Create Quote
    Consider these ease-of-use features:
    1. Quotes can be created in one of three ways: From scratch; From a template; and even From an Opportunity.
    2. When creating a quote, you can source the products you already have in Act!, or import a product list into the Link2quotes product database, and share it with your team
    3. You can build a library of quote templates for every occasion, as well as corresponding email cover letters. This means you can generate a commonly requested quote and email in less than a minute
    4. Access all your quote information from anywhere. All your quotes, customer click-thru activity, sales results, pipeline KPI’s, detailed reporting, you name it, are all in one place online. This allows you to create, edit and resend a quote from anywhere on any device.
    5. Link2quotes allows you to quote existing contacts, or create new ones on the fly.

  3. Get more done faster: Most quoting add-ons require you to update and resend quotes one at a time, making parts of the sales cycle, like the beginning of every month a tiresome affair for sales teams.
    Tell me if this sounds familiar?
    It’s the first day of the month, and your team is reviewing last month’s pipeline to determine which quotes will be pushed or killed. If it takes them five minutes to update each quote’s expiry date and the corresponding opportunity’s Estimated Close Date, and then resend it to the prospect, it will take each sales rep over two hours to process 25 quotes. Even if some of those quotes were killed.
    With Link2quotes, users can check all the quotes in the list they want to push, and then update them all at once to reflect the new expiry and estimate the close date. They can then resend them to all the prospects at once, with each receiving a customized merged cover email in one step.
    Batch jobs
    Killing quotes is just as easy. Simply check all the quotes you wish to kill, select delete, and then indicate whether the corresponding opportunities should be left alone, deleted, or their status changed to “closed-lost” or “inactive”. Instead of 2+ hours, the entire process to update all the quotes & Opps, and then resending to the prospects will barely take 2+ minutes.

  4. Real-time Feedback: The Activity Dashboard displays all the activities with your quotes in one place, showing you when quotes were created, sent, viewed, and accepted. Know when your prospects engage with the quote and how often, so you can plan your follow-ups accordingly.
    Activity Dashboard
  5. Sales Data: Link2quotes provides you with a wide array of data to help you understand your pipeline, sales, and progress towards your quota fulfillment.
    From the quote list, you can apply filters for date ranges, quote status, and sales rep, and immediately get KPI feedback on the number of quotes you have in your pipeline, as well as their total value, total weighted value, min and maximum, and even the average value.
    Quote list with KPIsAbove that, you can see the Quota progress bar that graphically displays how you’re tracking towards your quota, showing both your sales total and the amount you have to go. Link2quotes Team users can also click the Reports tab to see a detailed breakdown of “Deals over time”, as well as stats on Open-Expired-Won-Lost deals by each Sales Rep.
  6. Selling never looked so good: Link2quotes not only provides you with easy-to-customize design templates, but we also support adding images and videos to the body of your quote. To make managing these images easier, Teams Edition allows you to build and share an online library of ready-to-use images to better illustrate the products you’re quoting, each of which can be hyperlinked to the corresponding product pages on your website, or a PDF.
    Additional design and formatting tools include the following:
    - A rich text editor that allows you to format product descriptions with bold, italics, underline, and hyperlinks, as well as change alignment.
    - Employ bullets and numbers to present product descriptions in a professional and orderly way 
    - Use bolded section headers and spacers to organize your quote, as well as different Heading format options to control font size and weight.
    - Group products into mutually exclusive options so that you can clearly present product choices to customers in your quotes

Link2quotes is designed specifically for Act! users to help them sell more with less time and effort. Whether you're an individual sales rep working on your own, or part of a larger sales team, Link2quotes has a solution for you at less than half the cost of competitive products. So if you're tired of using MS Word or Excel for quoting, and you'd like to help your salespeople sell more, get them signed up for a free 2-week trial of Link2quotes today.

Join us on June 29th as we host a public webinar on the new features of Link2quotes Team Edition, the most feature-rich Act! Web API quoting solution on the market today.

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