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Written by Ken Quigley
January 04 2022

At the end of last year, Keystroke announced a major update to our Qsales API to help all customers looking to integrate Act! with QuickBooks save money. Thanks to the new “Personal Mode” option, even single users can use the same license to login into QuickBooks as they do with Qsales.

The net result is all teams, big or small, can upgrade to Qsales v13 and face the same or less QuickBooks licensing cost as before. For context, a team of our size saved over $4000 per year when we deployed Qsales last fall.

With this phase of the project complete, we’re proud to say we’ve rewritten over 90% of the Qsales product we acquired in May of 2021, and succeeded in providing the following improvements or new features:

  • Compatibility: Will be Act! v24 (64-bit) compatible, as well as supporting back to Act! v19.2. 
  • Save Money: Only one QuickBooks license is needed for all Act! users, potentially saving customers hundreds, even thousands annually
  • Security: Enhanced user-level security to how people can access the data
  • Performance: dramatically improved transaction & product searching speeds
  • Simpler stand-alone accounting integration for each workstation:
    • Users no longer need QuickBooks locally installed or open due to the new Qsales API
    • Users can Create or Edit QuickBooks transactions from within Act!, without having to be launched into QuickBooks
    • Users can Create or Edit QuickBooks Customers or Vendors from within Act!
  • New Reporting Feature in Qsales
    • Integrated reporting feature gives users vital customer insights from within Act!
    • Do product searches with reports to create a lookup of all customers who purchased a particular product(s)
    • Complete Sales or Collection reports right from within Act! 
  • Quoting: Qsales now includes Quoting4act (a $100 value) with each license that makes converting any Opportunity into a professional-looking quote a single mouse-click away
  • Custom Table Enhancements: Keystroke included advanced custom table functionality to improve the features and data filtering capability of the QB Transaction tabs
  • Remote user support: Enhanced Qsales functionality for remote users with RDB's.
  • Reliable Nightly Syncing: Qsync has been improved to provide better more reliable nightly syncing of transactions
  • Handheld Contact Integration: Ensure your users always have critical customer accounting data at their fingertips

There are many more feature improvements to list, but the point is we’ve invested heavily in updating Qsales for the new generation of Act!. To continue supporting this investment, we’ll be restructuring our new subscription rates to $10/month ($120 billed annually) for each installation.

Three things to consider when evaluating whether this pricing makes sense for your business:

  • Most deployments of three-plus users will save enough money on QuickBooks licensing to pay for all their Qsales software, with money left over to add more Act! users
  • Qsales is still the cheapest advanced QuickBooks integration on the market
  • Even with the new pricing, we customers will still only be paying $30 more in the first two years over the old pricing of Qsales v12

If you've ever wanted to integrate Act! with QuickBooks to save time, empower your users, and provide complete visibility on each of your contacts as customers, now is the time to look at Qsales for Act! - the #1 QuickBooks integration for Act!.

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