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Written by Ken Quigley
March 07 2022

Everyone likes a deal, and the more you spend, the more you should save.

This premise was the inspiration behind our new Linktivity Bundle which includes all our products for only $300. If purchased individually, these combined programs would cost $588/year, so this bundle represents 50% off the normal list price. But more than just savings, we're starting to build in synergies between the program, so you can surface Linktivity features across the different products. For instance, we're building Link2calendar and Link2forms options within Link2quotes and Link2events. By creating these synergies, we believe there is value in engaging all products in the Linktivity Suite to reinforce each other.

Those looking to convert their Linktivity trials into a full subscription will now see the new option below at the bottom when they click on "Purchase".


As a reminder, here is a breakdown of the programs with their respective annual rates:

  • Link2events ($108/year)
    Comprehensive Event Management Solution for Act! Users:
    Organizing public events is a great way to generate business leads and promote your products or services, but they can also be a lot of work. Thankfully Act! users have Link2events, a comprehensive event management system that has everything you need to power great events from start to finish, including sign-up pages, automated database entries, and follow-ups, download resources, and more.

  • Link2calendar ($60/year)
    Professional & Efficient Online Scheduling for Act! Users:
    Link2calendar modernizes how you engage with your customers by publishing your availability online, so people can quickly schedule time with you, and avoid the hassle of back-and-forth emails.
    Subscribe to Link2calendar and turn your time into money!

  • Link2list ($96/year)
    Don't leave your e-marketing success to chance.
    Optimize your email deliverability with Link2list: Link2list is a powerful online service that integrates with your Act! database to quickly and efficiently verify your contact's email addresses.
    For as little as one-cent per contact, Link2list can improve your deliverability rate by up to 98%, while reducing the risk of blacklisting and account suspensions, and is the perfect companion for Act! Marketing Automation.

  • Link2forms ($180/year)
    Online forms & Surveys Generate Leads and help customers feel heard:
    Whether you use forms to capture leads on your Contact Us page, or to process Quote or Service Requests, website forms can be an efficient & labor-free way for customers to interact with your business.
    Link2forms helps you create attractive & responsive forms that seamlessly fit anywhere in your website, and then instantly feed those new contacts into your database and schedule follow-ups with them in your Act! calendar so no lead gets missed!
    Turn your website into a well-oiled lead generation & conversion machine with Link2forms.

  • Link2quotes ($120/year)
    Turn your pipeline into profit with Link2quotes:
    Link2quotes converts any Opportunity in Act! into a professional-looking quote in seconds, and then sends it with a single click.
    Once delivered, Link2quotes tracks prospects' interest by reporting back each time they click on it, as well as when they changed any quote options online. Link2quotes also automatically schedules sales follow-ups after the quote, so your sales reps never miss a step.

In the coming weeks, we'll be adding a new bundled option for K-API users that will include our soon-to-be-released Link2cloud offering, which makes deploying K-API a snap because it handles the publishing of the internal K-API address to the outside world. This is expected in the second half of March, so stay tuned.

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