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Category: Act!
Written by Ken Quigley
January 25 2023

On Thursday, January 26th we will be updating the Act! Premium Cloud servers to v24.1. This release introduces several new UI and usability enhancements, including simplified pop-up behavior, an updated Activities flow, and easy-to-access help and training resources from a new area on the Welcome screen. 

One of the key goals of this release is to improve the trial experience for our customers when they sign up for Act! Premium Cloud. To that end, the improved areas include:

  • Pop-up behaviors:  When working within Act! Premium Cloud there are a lot of functions that have traditionally resulted in a pop-up window being spawned. For example, if you were to create a new note, history entry or activity, this will launch a pop-up window. This can cause issues with a customer’s pop-up blocker preventing the window from spawning, and can lead to a multitude of different windows launched at once.
    This release has focused on replacing a number of these pop-up windows with modal screens instead. These launch directly within Act! Premium Cloud, they don’t involve any additional windows, and they prompt the customer to complete the current action before returning to their database. 

  • UI Styling: Also included in this January update is a number of changes to the UI (User Interface). Generally speaking, these are cosmetic changes only, though there are some UX (User Experience) changes that we will highlight below. The full list of UI changes includes:
    • Welcome page redesign – this will be discussed in its own section below.
    • Navbar UI redesign – updated colors and fonts.
    • Tab redesign in detail views – updated fonts and tabs underline as they are hovered over.
    • Detail view redesign – fonts and field stylings have been changed in each detail view.
    • Big button global toolbar – updated stylings to improve icons and font.
    • Small icons toolbar – redesigned to include updated icons and entirely new labels, as well as movement of the details view and list view buttons to the left.
    • Act! Marketplace – New page URLs added.

  • Welcome Page enhancements: This "What’s new?" container has been designed to provide useful links to customers such as information on new releases, links to resources including training webinars, and helps customers to feel much more engaged with the company as well as supported with valuable easy to access materials.

  • Demo data functionality: This is a small enhancement that especially affects customers who sign up for net Act! Premium Cloud trials. Now all trials come with demo data already seeded in the trial database so that they can get a feel for using the product as soon as they open it up. Demo records include Contacts, Companies, Groups and Opportunities and are especially easy to identify as they have (demo) after their names.

We will examine each of these in greater detail in the Act! Knowledgebase HERE.

Watch the video below to see what's new!




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