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Important Notice for ACT 2010 Users and older

Category: Act!
16 April 2015

The Countdown to the demise of SQL2005 has begun

ACTNowIf you're using a legacy version of ACT, specifically version 2010 or older, there is some important information you need to know about the SQL database engine behind them. Microsoft has scheduled SQL 2005 for sunset on April 12th, 2016.
This should not come as a great surprise. Since it's original release over a decade ago, many updates have been made to the Microsoft SQL technology, including performance and stability improvements released through SQL2008 and SQL2014.
In fact, recent benchmark tests show SQL2014 is up to ten times faster than its SQL2005 predecessor.

So now that SQL2005 is beginning to show its age, it will officially be put out to pasture in 12 months, not unlike the much loved, but ultimately mothballed Windows XP last April, and the soon to be departed Windows 2003 that is scheduled for sunset this July.
You can read more at the following link:

Why do you care about this?

Well, without Microsoft supporting a product, no security updates will be released to protect it from hacking or other such known vulnerabilities. Microsoft releases hundreds of patches a year to protect their customers from known threats, with as many as thirty patches released in the last week for MS Office alone. Unless you don’t intend to connect your computer to the Internet, running unsupported software is incredibly risky.

What can you do?

Well, when an operating system is discontinued the user is often faced with either upgrading their Windows, or replacing their computer – with most choosing the latter. When an application like SQL gets discontinued, the process is mercifully easier. If you’re running ACT 2010 or older, you can simply upgrade to ACT v17 and the SQL upgrade will take care of itself. Problem solved.

When should I do this?

The choices are always sooner or later, but in this instance there could be serious cost implications depending on your choice. At present, if you are an ACT 2010 (or older) license holder, you would not normally be eligible for upgrade pricing (35% off) as your version falls outside their Obsolescence Policy”. However, until July 1st Swiftpage is offering you the opportunity to purchase ACT at the upgrade price ($329USD) when bundled with Business Care Bronze ($111), for a total cost of $440 per license. This compares to the full price of $500 without Business Care, or to put it differently, two versions for less than the price of one.

After July 1st your purchase options will be limited to subscription only, for the price of $250/annually, plus another $250 if you wish to make the license perpetual. So consider the math for the two scenarios over 24-months...


    • $250 (Perpetual Software License)

    • $250 (1st year subscription)

    • $250 (2nd year subscription)
      TOTAL = $750 (over two years)

    • $329 (Upgrade Software License)

    • $111 (Bronze Business Care)

    • $120 (2nd year sub at Bronze rate)
      TOTAL = $560 (over two years)

Can this math be for real?

In short, yes. There are no tricks, as the end of the "Obsolescence Buster" Promotion coincides with the end of the traditional purchase method for ACT. After July 1st, the new ACT licenses will only be available through subscription based pricing.

The second big factor in the savings is Bronze Business Care. After July 1st, Bronze level Business will be discontinued, and the only customers eligible to purchase "Bronze" level subscription, will be those customer converting from an existing Bronze Business Care subscription. In other words, it's being grandfathered in for the Bronze customers, and no one else, so if you want lock in ACT at the cheapest possible price forever, and you do NOT need support, the time to buy is NOW.

And when I say "cheapest", consider these numbers:

    • Bronze Subscription at $120/year/users


    • Silver Subscription at $190/year/user


    • Gold Subscription at $250/year/users

Make no mistake, subscription will undeniably be the cheapest way to own ACT over time, and customers will love the improved flexibility, value, and savings of these new subscription portfolios, but there is not substitute for choices - especially when they can save you almost 50% on your total costs of ownership.

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