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Five ways to Act! boldly

Category: Act!
03 July 2017

Most business owners will concede a CRM is only as good as it is deployed and adopted, but there are a number of features unique to Act! that can improve user engagement and help unleash the full potential of your business.

Here are a list of our top five: 

1.      Customization: Act! is one of the few CRM’s on the market, if not the only one, that can be customized within minutes of its first use.  Whether you’re a mortgage broker, real estate agent, wealth manager, or simply a sales person, Act! supports importing an industry ready schema into your database so it is tailor made for your business immediately. With custom tables, users can select from a wide variety of ready-to-use database designs that can be leveraged to get you up and running on day one.
… Learn more about Tables4act!

2.     Mobile Solutions that do more: No CRM is complete without a strong mobile solution, and for Act! that solution is Handheld Contact. However, if that mobile solution can do things that the CRM cannot, user engagement increases even more. Handheld Contact can now remind users of upcoming birthdays anniversaries, and important renewal dates, as well as convert talk to text for recording rich detailed meeting notes in the field.
… Learn more about Handheld Contact

3.      Automation: CRM products should ideally make our lives easily, and the Knowtifier for Act! does precisely that. Incorporating bullet proof reliability, the Knowtifier can use Contact, Opportunity, or Custom Table fields to trigger an endless variety of workflow automation.
From simple automated birthday greetings, to emailed notifications to customers that count-down to renewal date(s), and schedule user intervention if needed.
Additionally, the Knowtifier for Act! can deliver summary reports to users based on upcoming renewals or events, ensuring you always have visibility on pending business opportunities.
… Learn more about the Knowtifier

4.      Accounting Integration: Whether you use QuickBooks or Sage 50, users can leverage a variety of addons to integrate critical customer accounting data into Act! to provide your users a new level of customer insights. Imagine sales people being able to instantly know if a customer has paid their last bill, or the date of their last sale without having their company’s accounting program installed on their computer. Now take that one steps further, and imagine having access to that kind of data on the road on their mobile device. By combining the power of accounting integration, Act!, and Handheld Contact, users can enjoy deep customer visibility anywhere
Learn More about Accounting Integration

5.     Bold Emarketing: All businesses understand the important of effective emarketing to increase their sales, but few CRM’s offer as many emarketing options as Act!. Since Swiftpage purchased Act! in mid-2014, the level of emarketing integration has increased through industry leading Swiftpage Emarketing and Act! Emarketing, with robust HTML design editors, detailed call lists, web forms, and online surveys available.
However, Act! also offers traditional mail-merge-to-email within the core product, as well as mobile mail-merge with Handheld Contact, and emailed automation with the Knowtifier for Act! to ensure all sales conversion opportunities are leveraged for maximum sales
.… Learn more about emarketing

Out of the box, Act! is an affordable and easy to use CRM solution, that has been trusted by millions for 30-years to boldy drive sales results through better organization, productivity & efficiency – in the office and on the road.
However, with the strategic integration of accounting, mobility, and automation Actcessories, Act! users can raise their business vision to new heights, and engage their team with renewed commitment.

That’s how CRM success is defined, and these five steps are but a few examples of how our customer’s Act! boldly.


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