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Category: Act!
16 October 2016

We're pleased to announce the imminent release of Act! v19.0, the newest version of the #1 best-selling contact and customer manager, with enhancements to Microsoft Office compatibility, Act! emarketing and web user functionality!

Act! v19.0, expected to be released the week of November 8th, delivers the features and improvements detailed below:


Compatible with Microsoft Office 64-bit
Improves support for popular business applications used by our customers.

  • Includes native support for 64-bit variants of Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 and 2016.
  • Provides the same Outlook, Word and Excel integration functionality currently available with 32-bit Office installations.


Act! emarketing Enhancements

Overwrite campaign history

  • Reduces the clutter of history entries generated by sending email campaigns, helping users quickly find the information they need.
  • Ensures each email campaign creates and updates just one history entry per contact record.
  • Using ‘Update Email Campaign History’ in Act! overwrites previous ‘Send Campaign’ history entries with the latest results.

Prevent campaign sends over limit

  • Provides instant feedback on send limits to help Act! emarketing users manage their campaigns and service level more effectively.
  • The Send Email Campaign dialog displays live details of the customer’s contact limit, usage this month, and the new recipients in the selected campaign.
  • Prevents sending of campaigns that exceed the monthly contact send limit.

Send confirmation dialog

  • Helps to prevent accidental sends of email campaigns
  • Adds a confirmation dialog after selecting to send an email campaign, reducing the chances of accidental sends.

Improved performance of sending campaigns

  • Performance of sending email campaigns has increased by up to 600%
  • Maximize the productivity of database users by reducing the time taken to send email campaigns.

Windows/Web Parity Improvements

Scan for Duplicates

  • Provides web users with the tools they need to manage the integrity of their data, and more effectively deal with duplicate records.
  • A new option for Scan for Duplicates is available from Tools > Define Fields for web users.
  • Users can choose to create a lookup of duplicate records to manually manage, or launch the Copy/Move Contact Data feature to begin consolidating them.

Formatting toolbar in layout designer

  • Gives web users further flexibility to customize their screen layouts, and design Act! around their business requirements or company branding.
  • A new formatting toolbar is available in the layout designer for web users.
  • Provides formatting options for text and drawing items.

Reporting Enhancements

  • Updates to standard reports
  • Provides updated versions of more than 30 standard Act! reports, resolving numerous defects, cosmetic issues and design inconsistencies.
  • Updated reports are included by default in a new database, and are added to upgraded Act! databases automatically.
  • Any existing reports will remain in an upgraded database, with the updated reports identifiable by a new .rep2 file type.

Web API and Integrations

  • On-going improvements to the Web API
  • Allows development partners deeper access to Act! data and functionality, enhancing the power of integrations.
  • Updated Web API will be available alongside Act! v19.0. Details of specific improvements to follow.

Localized Releases

  • French, German, and French-Canadian
  • We are pleased to announce that localized releases in the above languages will be available in early to mid-January 2017, only two months after the International English release
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