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Category: Act!
January 13 2015

ACT! training is esBusinesswoman Watching Video Conferencesential for any operation that runs this productivity software. Scheduling training days or signing your employees up for training classes can be hard to manage while you are running a business. Thankfully, ACT! training courses are more accessible than ever before, so any business can provide their employees with training courses through a variety of flexible options. After all, spending up to $500 a license and using only $50 worth of the features because ACT training seemed too costly or inaccessible is both silly and fallacious.
Most business people understand the value of training their employees, so let's explore the options available!

On-Site & Online Training With a Premier Trainer
The first step is to find an ACT! certified premier trainer near you. They will come into your office or training facility and deliver a completely customizable lesson plan, so that the training provided will be directly relevant to the individual operation and their uses of the ACT! software. ACT Premier trainers have been certified by ACT to have both the product and the teaching know-how, and are furnished with the ACT certified training material, curriculum, and course guidelines.

Online training is similar to the onsite training in that the course material is customized to suit one company, and the training is often completed with the customer's database in mind. Participants would login into an online training environment with full two-way communication between the instructor and the students.

Classroom Training
There are two class offerings that Keystroke provides, one for "end-users" and the other for administrators, with each class being a day in length. This setup follows the Swiftpage certified curriculum, and is useful for students that learn better in a structured, uninterrupted environment.
For details of the end-user class click HERE, and for the Administrator class click HERE.
Get back into the classroom for the one-day courses and learn about the extensive uses of the ACT! software.

Remote Training Sessions
Can't make it into the physical classroom, or can't spare an entire day? Not a problem. Keystroke offers both End-User and Admin online courses in convenient five-week course formats that are divided into easy 90-minutes classes. What's better is if you miss a class, you'll have free access to the classroom videos for 6-months to review again and again.
This training format weds the convenience of online training with the structure of classroom training, while focussing on how to get the most out of the software. We like to say these classes are as much about "why to" as "how to". Learn more about these exciting courses by clicking HERE.

ACT! Online Library
Another great resource for new ACT users is the ACT on demand library of ACT! lessons with the ACT Anytime Learning video library. ACT know-how is only a click away! Train the new employees, or review some features that you may have forgotten or became confused on. ACT! makes learning easy, and much, if not all of the costs for these videos are included in your Silver and Gold Business Care.
One of the advantages of the video library is you can select specific videos based on your interests or needs without having to participate in a day long course on everything. If you wish to learn about Mail Merge, you can select the mail merge video and focus only on that.

    • For the ACT Essentials course details, click HERE


    • For the ACT Advanced course details, click HERE

Contact us for more information regarding the ACT! software.

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