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Act! 18.1 is here!

Category: Act!
26 April 2016

act18-1On April 26th Swiftpage released the long awaited service pack to Act! 18, namely Act 18.1. This release offers a significant number of bug fixes, as well as new features and compatibility updates.
The following represents a short list of highlights from this service pack:

Compatibility Updates
Stay current with Act! and get support on the latest technology changes. Significant updates to the Act! Web platform.


  • Additional Act! Premium Web components have been upgraded to support Chrome and Internet Explorer 11 (without Compatibility Mode)


High DPI Fix
In recent years new high resolution monitors and laptop displays have created issues for Act! users. The issue was not so much the resolution, as much as the large system fonts (>125%) the operating systems had to be configured with to make these devices display comfortably to the eye.

Unfortunately previous versions of Act! required users to lower the display resolution and the system font size to get Act! to render properly. This issue became more complicated with Microsoft devices such as The Surface Pro 3+ and the new Surface Book, which used a 3:2 aspect ratio, instead of the traditional 16:9. With these devices, reducing the resolution actually created margins on the top & bottom, or on the sides - which actually reduced your visible work space.

Act 18.1 deploys a DPI fixer allowing users to use Act! on any monitor, with any resolution and font size.

Modern development integration service that allows for meaningful connections to Contacts, Groups, and Activities.



  • A link to the Web API installer is now included within the Act! Premium for Web CD Browser

  • The Web API installer will automatically launch upon completion of the Act! Premium for Web installation process


Act! Connect View
The Act! Marketplace view has been updated for a new generation of connectivity!



  • This is a completely redesigned view with content relevant to new Web API integrations

  • Integrations are available for active Act! Premium subscription customers


Favourite Contacts
Easily keep track of the Contacts you communicate with the most.



  • The Favourite field has been added to the default Contact Layout as a checkbox

  • A new Favourite column is present in the Contact List View and Contact tabs

  • A Favourite lookup is included, which can also be set as the default lookup in conjunction with setting the Contact list View as the Startup View


Count of Days from an Activity’s Originally Scheduled Start Date
Do you have a meeting that keeps getting pushed back? How many days have passed since it was originally supposed to happen? Now you know!



  • Commentary has been added to the Schedule Activity window to calculate the number of days that have elapsed since an Activity’s original Start Date


French, German, and French-Canadian
This most recent localized version of Act!, including updated translations for French-Canadian.

To download the complete Act! 18.1 installation package click on Act! Pro 18.1 or Act! Premium 181. The updates are not available on the Act! download site at the time of this posting, but the full installation packages for Act! Pro, Premium, and Premium for Web can be used to upgrade Act! 18.0 installations. For Act! Premium for Web, we recommend uninstalling 18.0, and then completing a full installation of 18.1.



Defects closed in Act! v18.1

D-04085 Web - Relationship details box size is too large, requires scroll bars.
D-03782 APFW-Dashboard- Deleting the same activity from different browsers doesn’t show a proper error message
D-03913 Framework error on Exiting Act
D-04161 APFW - Calendar - mini calendar always uses the server date and time for the mini calendar functions
D-04206 APFW - Calendar Recap list - Any Calendar view - Recap item link will not open the related activity.
D-04164 APFW - Cannot tab out of County field when creating a new contact.
D-04193 APFW - Can't select a contact from the task list if the contact's name is blank.
D-04218 APFW:An warning message pops up when trying to Send to Act a note, history, or activity.
D-04217 Scratchpad Web needs branding update
D-04184 APFW - Activity text colour is not displayed in task list on web.
D-04238 APFW - Calendar - Any view - Timezone Inconsistencies
D-04146 APFW - Chrome - Session Timeout does not present "Continue" dialog and creates redirect loop
D-04115 TS - Define Sync Set button doesn't work when downloaded from Act For Web.
D-04233 APFW - Navigating to Calendar View logs off user not running on English language Windows OS.
D-04180 Web - Write Letter generates error when using Act Word Processor
D-04226 APFW - Chrome mostly - startup preferences aren't honored if you close the browser.
D-04210 APFW - When "Daily Calendar" is selected as the start-up view , it is displaying monthly view calendar instead of Daily view calendar
D-04188 Open Database dialog deformed on FR/CF
D-04235 Blank mail merge fields don't collapse if there are two blanks on the same row.
D-04293 APFW - When encountering a Notes details field with invalid characters, Web Clients are logged out.
D-04230 MOBILE - Cannot dial phone number containing country code since it is not preceded by "+" sign
D-04213 Notifications download message is confusing.
D-04284 CF - Registration Wizard page 4 has untranslated text.
D-04194 DE - LC - Exporting calculated fields causes an error in the export wizard.
D-04303 Create contact while opps tab is open crashes APFW
D-04191 TS - Dropdown value not saved - Windows
D-03682 MOBILE - After clearing text in search field, scrolling in any view is disabled on iPhone with iOS 9
D-04414 Web - Internal Server Error 500 after upgrade to 18.1 from 18.0
D-04365 TS - APFW - No scroll bars when adding an opportunity to companies.
D-04337 BETA - Web API installation is not localized
D-04324 CF- LC - Clear Activity View has display issues.
D-04317 CF display issues -Emarketing View
D-04346 CF - translation change needed for Include sub Groups on Group List.
D-04319 APFW - Opportunities - Email button brings in the wrong email address
D-04318 TS - APFW - Images in a layout get put to the front after upgrading a DB from v17.1 to v18.
D-04353 German -Scheduler Wizard has two pages with display issues.
D-04359 BETA - DE - Some Company tabs not translated
D-04336 DE - Update CD Browser Links.
D-04335 FR - Update CD Browser Links.
D-04351 German - Kontakte synchronisieren view has a couple display issues.
D-04374 BETA - DE - Manage Subscription option uses US redirect
D-04370 BETA - Lookup of Favourite Contacts locks the Contact Detail view
D-04402 T/S - APFW - IE only - Can't select item from Alarms dialog list.
D-04349 TS - Cannot set a default value on selected fields.
D-04345 TS - Lookup displays correct number, but incorrect groups from a lookup
D-04103 T/S - APFW - No scroll bar in Alarms window.
D-04338 BETA - FR - Alarms dialogue 'show/hide more details' text overlaps button
D-04341 BETA - FR - Scheduling dialogue text to use a banner is truncated
D-04342 BETA - FR - Open database dialogue buttons are truncated
D-04369 BETA - DE - Manage Add-ons has untranslated buttons
D-04361 BETA - DE - Contact Layout 1366 x 768 not translated
D-04356 German -Sync panel Wizard Home has display issues.
D-04357 German - Two Remote Create pages have display issues.
D-04355 German -Update Salutation dialog has display issue.
D-04360 BETA - DE - Up button when viewing divisions or subgroups is too small for text
D-04404 Minor upgrade needs to check for slipstreams.
D-04388 APFW - Can't Log In To Web On German Upgrade
D-04430 German - Preferences > Act! E-mail Editor button truncation issue.
D-04395 German - Preferences > Act! E-mail Editor truncation issues.
D-04393 German - Preferences > Calendar & Activities > Calendar Preferences dupe line issue
D-04394 German - Preferences > General> Salutation Preferences display issues.
D-04311 TS - Selecting multiple Companies in Company List view, or Groups in Group List, does not populate contact emails when selecting Write > Email message
D-04166 Call List - Last updated field is using UTC +7 when using time and now users profile settings
D-04196 APFW - Cannot multi-select on task list.
D-04220 TS - Unable to create new layout tab with a name that has already been used.
D-04224 Win - If the user has not verified their primary AEM email address, Send an Email Campaign will throw an Obj Ref Error, not a friendly message.
D-04189 French Nav Bar defaults to scrunched up.
D-04237 New In-product URLs Required for the Act! Connect View
D-04290 Per Andrew change text color in navbar for better contrast
D-04066 APFW - Timeless activities not displayed in calendar view.
D-04292 APFW- Chrome - Add selected to Company/Group/Delete selected contact do not function.
D-04354 German - Registration Wizard Info page has display issue.
D-04363 BETA - DE - Preferences dialogue has a number of truncations
D-04371 BETA - DE - Calendar preferences contains Monday twice
D-04364 BETA - DE - Truncation in various menu options
D-04386 German - Calendar preferences needs a redesign or verbiage change.
D-04197 CF - Registration Wizard text is deformed. Multiple pages.
D-04195 CF - Wrong "states" show up in the Registration drop down.
D-04198 CF - Registration Wizard activating message box is not translated.
D-03946 APFW - 'Enter' Characters in memo fields are replaced with |n-+r|
D-04222 APFW - When encountering a details field with invalid characters, Web Clients are logged out.
D-04232 LC - CF - New database form needs more space for verbiage.
D-03338 APFW: Chrome: Unable to close the dialog box using cancel button in Advanced Query
D-02613 TS - "Remote Database Sync Status by User" module in Administrative Dashboard is broken
D-04111 APFW - Notes Tab - Unable to see the Attachments column, even after adding it in customized columns
D-04139 APFW - Opportunity List view - Select Users dialog does not auto-refresh Opps list after making changes and clicking OK
D-04014 APFW - Administrative Dashboard User Status Component returns no information.
D-04157 APFW - Field Text Font Color is not Represented Correctly
D-04033 TS - User cannot rename Yes or No field in Act for Web( or Windows)
D-04011 APFW - IE - Yes/No fields removed from layout after editing
D-03957 Hosted Licensing - Hosted trigger needs to be added to identify a Hosted install.
D-04294 Web - "Always show Country Code in phone field" ALWAYS shows country code.
D-04053 APFW - IE 11 - Cancelling Copy Field doesn't cancel
D-04056 Update Act! Manifest to correct DPI Scaling issue
D-03808 APFW - Chrome - Duplicate Popup Checker is in Loop
D-04006 APFW - IE11 - Cannot save change in Opportunity Stage.
D-04075 APFW - Companies List View - Export to excel returns an object reference error
D-04077 APFW - Chrome - Look-up - Ok/ Cancel buttons -Advanced query unable to click or cancel after loading saved queries.
D-04078 APFW - Chrome - Look-up - Ok/ Cancel buttons -Advanced query unable to click or cancel after clicking preview
D-03997 APFW - Chrome for Mac - Companies View - Opportunities Tab - Clicking on an existing opportunity link does not take you to the opportunity detail view.
D-03996 APFW - Chrome for Mac - Companies view - Activities Tab - No auto refresh after clicking ok on a new activity fwhen done from the Follow up button.
D-03970 APFW - Opportunities - Detail view - Page does not Auto refresh after deleting the last opportunity from the Opportunity detail view.
D-04047 Editing a Tab Name in the Layout Designer Deletes All Fields on the Tab
D-03989 Customer Report - clicking any schedule item from Company Detail view results in error.
D-04026 Contact Edit>Replace command fails when APFW service run in secure mode.
D-04042 Disable New Secondary Contact menu item in the Contacts menu when on Contact List
D-04012 Create a remote with criteria and user cannot log in.
D-04061 APFW - Object Reference error when doing Export To Excel from companies list view.
D-04062 APFW - Contacts tab in companies not always displaying the correct contacts
D-03859 APFW - Chrome - Duplicate Popup Checker Not Functioning in Chrome
D-04130 APFW - Type Filter in all History Tabs and View resets to None when used
D-03809 APFW - Chrome - Groups - Detailed view - "Recipients Exceeded" warning dialog does not appear in Chrome.
D-04074 APFW - Email mail merge server details not displaying.
D-04051 Web - Navigation Button changes don't stick
D-03981 APFW - Chrome - Mac - Top menu does not use global font settings.
D-04083 In product URL's for Web Client Welcome Page is not programmatically changed to match the major version
D-03980 APFW - Calendars - Time zone Displays the Log on screen when using custom virtual directories.
D-03813 APFW - Task List - No Option To Export to Excel
D-03888 APFW - Preferences - Cleared Activity Display in Grey Not Functioning As Designed
D-03829 Emarketing - Call List Detail Window - Resizing the entire Call list tab does not resize the detail window and no scroll bar appears.
D-03871 Wrong error message is displayed when license is invalid.
D-03967 APFW - Opportunities - No opportunities in Database dialog missing when going from any view other than opportunities list view to the Opportunities detail view.
D-04084 In product URL's for Windows Welcome Page is not programmatically changed to match the major version
D-04155 Act! Update - Subscription enabled clients do not check for version updates
D-03998 APFW - Chrome - When creating a new note, shows multiple fonts as default.
D-04110 APFW - Unable to open sub folders via Write>Other Document From Template.
D-04127 Protexis version needs to be 79, not 60 as it is currently.
D-04049 Windows - Navigation Button changes don't stick
D-04073 APFW - Edit List Values only appearing on ID/Status drop down.
D-04136 APFW - Chrome - with Act! word processing, Write Edit Template is broken.
D-04135 APFW - Chrome - with Act! word processing, Write New Document is broken.
D-04137 APFW - Chrome - with Act! word processing, get 404 Not found when trying to use Mail Merge
D-04134 APFW - Chrome - with Act! word processing, Write Letter gets in a download loop.
D-04038 APFW - Chrome - Restore non Microsoft office Email and Act! word processing functionality that was removed.
D-04081 Modification to Story B-06953 - Scheduled FOR, not Scheduled ON.
D-04104 Chrome - Newly re-enabled Email menu items don't do anything.
D-04040 Contacts> Attach broken -Cant attach document from contact list view
D-04007 Field Triggers - activity series give object reference error.
D-04001 E-mail Document button on Documents tab produces error
D-04041 APFW - List View - Attaching file via Contact> Attach menu Returns error and blanks out list view
D-03982 APFW - Sort dialogue box drop down lists empty.
D-04065 Using Tag/Untag All while in Tag mode disables Lookup Selected and Omit Selected.
D-04143 APFW - Cannot reschedule an activity series via Chrome.
D-04158 APFW - Does not delete a recurring activity series when using Chrome.
D-04144 APFW - Does not delete a complete activity series when using Chrome.
D-04160 APFW - Schedule Activity Dialog - Dialog pulling server time instead of client time.
D-04152 Edit List Values control is wrong UI except for ID/Status.
D-04132 APFW - Today button on calendar takes you to the wrong date.
D-04177 TS - Unable to edit recurring activities end date
D-04054 APFW - Chrome - Act Word processor - unable to use the ACT! word processor in Chrome - Remove the Popup message
D-04089 APFW- Chrome - Contacts Detail View - Activities tab - No refresh after new activity is created from the Activities Tab
D-03993 APFW - Chrome - Mac - pop up dialogs are opening maximized and in a new tab
D-03984 Contact email address does not populate TO: address when Main Toolbar Email command is used.
D-04036 Focus is lost when adding a new Contact and doing any save action
D-04063 APFW - Browse user able to attempt creating a new record
D-04094 Icons shown while creating a custom command are not displayed on toolbar.
D-04181 Change filestreams in licensing to be more friendly in large hosted environments
D-04185 Navbar customisations are lost after closing and reopening Act on Windows 10 PC's.
D-04310 Preferences - Admin - Notes and History - "Allow history creation for e-mails sent from a user of this database" should be set to off by default.
D-04312 Certification - Web - Readme in application dir is the old one.
D-04314 TS - APFW - Lookup Other Fields does not return results.
D-04377 BETA - DE - Splitter bar in opportunity Detail View is corrupted
D-04381 LC -Wrong Act! Emarketing Dashboard is displayed.
D-04400 German - Outlook Synchronization Contact setup truncation issues.
D-04399 German - Outlook Synchronization Calendar setup truncation issues.
D-04396 German - Preferences >Communication truncation issues.




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