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Choose the #1 Act! Reseller in the World to host your Act! Database

You want to deploy Act! for your team, but can't budget for a new network, hardware, licensing, or staff to support it?  Let us be your Act! network & Act! support team with fast, secure, and easy database Act! hosting from Keystroke - an exclusive Swiftpage "Diamond Business Partner" and #1 Act! Reseller in North America.

Keystroke Quality Computing Inc has provided professional hosting services since 1999, and we're managed by Microsoft Certified System Engineers & Act! Certified Consultants, with advanced administrative knowledge of Act! and Microsoft Server operating systems. Even larger organizations with full-time or contract IT staff realize that supporting Act! requires specialization that is not reasonable to expect of IT professionals.

Keystroke employs a mix of current model servers, all of which we own and manage. All our servers use minimum RAID5 drives for fault tolerance, are backed up nightly, and located at a Tier 3 Data Centre within 5-minutes of our head office in Toronto. Our secure Data Centre features multiple levels of security and three 5000 gallon diesel generators to provide weeks worth of uninterruptable power and Internet. What's more, all our servers are monitored 24-hours a day, so that if a single required service fails, we're notified instantly and can fix it before anyone notices.

Combine these infrastructure details with the custom development we've employed to better safeguard your data and improve your hosted experience, and you'll understand why Keystroke is the exclusive Act! hosting provider in Canada.

To download the Swiftpage Premium Cloud brochure, please click HERE.

Fast Facts about Keystroke Act! Hosting


Act! Hosting Provider Program

Keystroke is the exclusive authorized Act! Hosting Provider in Canada, and a certified member of the Act! Hosting Provider Program.

HHC Support

The only Act! Hosting Provider supported by certified Handheld Contact technical staff


Hosting support & service available in English and French. The only HPP certified to offer hosting service in French.

Secure Flexibility

All Act! for Web accounts are published in both HTTP and HTTPS.

Exclusive Benefits

Exclusive Keystroke options for requesting new users and remote databases, as well as notifications for inactivity and no-sync reports

Ultimate Upgrade Option

Exclusive Keystroke options for upgrade hosting performance (up to 3x faster), with improved load balancing, and increased ease of upgrade.

Independently Owned & Operated

All hosting Servers are managed by Keystroke, and co-located at a Tier 3 Data Centre located within Toronto, Canada.

Daily Back-up, Maintenance & Monitoring

24-Hour server monitoring ensures we're notified instantly of any service failure that our customers rely on, so that we can fix it before they notice. Nightly backup & maintenance of all hosted databases

Bigger Database Limits

Unlimited Act! users and database storage (additional charges apply for databases consuming in excess of 15GB total diskspace, including attachments)

Bigger Database Limits

Need more storage space? For only $120/year you get an extra 10GB's of storage.

Custom Table support

Custom table support within within Act! for Web for both Act! Premium (with Tables4Act!) and Act! Premium Plus

Multi-Tenanted Environment

Our unique multi-tenanted environment allows for optimum resource management at the lowest possible cost without compromising security

The Fine Print

Keystroke's Act! Hosting customers can update & manage their databases using a subscriber copy of their database, and then synchronize those changes to the host database. Certain changes can be made with a remote database, some changes cannot. For example, changes to the database schema, process list, and the user list (to name a few) are not available to the remote databases, and must therefore be made on the host databases by Keystroke Act! Certified staff. Such customization or maintenance services are billable.  As of September 2013, Act! v16 provides the ability to edit the schema of a hosted master database via the web.

Act! Premium (access via web) leverages the features and functions of Act! Premium. In other words, all features in the core Windows Premium product are available in the Web product. However, some functions are limited to the server, such as administration of users, database maintenance, template and layout creation or editing and other administration functions.

To learn more about the features available in Act! for Windows that are not available in Web, please click HERE.

Database Hosting fees include the hosting, publishing (when applicable), nightly maintenance, and backup of the master database. Additionally, Keystroke shall cut subscriber copies of the master database (also known as RDB's) for the customer, and make those available for download via a secure link emailed to the primary contact on the account.
Services related to the installation of the Act! software and the deployment/configuration of RDB's on customer workstations or servers is NOT included, and should be considered billable by Keystroke. Video tutorials are available.
Keystroke reserves the right to end hosting or technical support for obsolete versions of Act! at their sole discretion. Hosting customers will be provided 30-days notice of such action to allow them sufficent time to upgrade to a supported version, transfer to self-hosting, or to find another provider.
In such an event, no pre-paid hosting fees will be refunded in whole or in part.
Each hosted Act! user requires a valid, current Act! license. Hosting customers that do not wish to upgrade to the current version of Act!, are welcome to stay subscribed with their legacy version, subject to the obsolescence policies of both Swiftpage and Keystroke.
Keystroke reservers the right to decline hosting service in cases where the licensing provided cannot be verified. 
The Act! licensing being used to host a database on Keystroke servers must be owned or leased by the hosting subscriber.

To avoid fraud and minimize license management, all Act! licensing must be renewed through Keystroke, or one of it's authorized resellers. Keystroke recommends Act! Premium Subscription as the most cost effective way of upgrading your software each year, and availing yourself of many program perks like free video training, support (Silver and Gold only), and Act! Premium Mobile.
Upon receipt of their database, hosting customer's can expect their database to be published and their first RDB to be delivered (when applicable) within two business days. Frequently, this service can be delivered in less time, but onboarding queues, database sizes, technical issues, database health, and server & staff availability can contribute to delays in deployment.

Hosting fees are calculated monthly, but billed annually in advance. Short term hosting contracts can be arranged in advance, but at 150% the annual rate, and for terms no less than quarterly. 
If a hosting customer wishes to opt out of the contract during their hosting term, a backup copy of their database will be provided to them at no extra cost. Under no circumstances are mid-term refunds provided.

Bring your own licensing

For a list of our hosting rates billed separately from Act! subscription, please visit the following link:

Please note, this service is subject to a one-time, non-refundable "onboarding fee" of $100.

Act! Premium Cloud

For a list of Act! Premium Cloud hosting rates, where the Act! Subscription are combined to form one rate, and are exclusive of perpetual licensing, please visit the following link:

Additional Fees
Upfront Customization and ongoing changes are billable at our hourly ACC rates, and in increments of 15 minutes after the initial 30-minute minimum. Keystroke may require a support contract to be in place for such services to be rendered.


All Keystroke hosting clients are permitted 15GB's of total database storage, exclusive of backups, as part of our regular hosting rates.
However, due to increased bandwidth costs and the extra overhead of maintaining & backing up larger databases, Keystroke is required to charge more to customers requiring more than 15GB's of storage for their database.

The structure of this new hosting rates formula is simple, and as follows:

  • All hosting accounts will be permitted up to 15GB’s of total data storage for each of their hosted databases (inclusive of all attachments and supplemental folders) as part of their normal hosting fees. As mentioned earlier, this currently applies to 97% of our current hosting customers (please see your current hosting storage at the top of this email).
  • For the remaining 3% needing more than 15GB’s of storage, those accounts will be subject to a an overage fee equivalent to $10/month/10GB (billed annually), that will be assessed at the start of their hosting contract, or upon their next renewal.
  • No mid term adjustments to the rates will be made during the hosting period based on fluctuations in storage use, nor will retroactive overage fees/credits be applied on renewal.

    For example,
    - if an account has a 20GB database, they would be 5GB’s over their limit and thereby subject to a $10/month overage fee to paid annually for a total of $120.

To be clear, we don’t want anyone’s rates to increase. To that end we’d like to work with each effected customer to trim their database to a more manageable size, and employ some of the tools within Act! and some of our proprietary technology to help trim the fat on databases that have gotten bloated over time.

After all, regardless of the rates, hosting clients with extra large databases can expect fewer backups with attachments and much longer delays in deploying new remote databases due to data size, as well.


We take our responsibility to safeguard the privacy of your data seriously. To review our online privacy policy, and how it relates to our Database Hosting Services, please visit the following PRIVACY POLICY link.
All Keystroke hosting facilities are located in Toronto Canada in a Tier 3 data centre. 
Keystroke takes our Act! database hosting services seriously, and as such we've hired Cogent Communications to co-locate all our Act! Hosting servers at their Toronto Data Centre just five minutes from our head office. Cogent owns and operates 44 data centers in North America and Europe. From extensive power backup systems to complete fire detection and suppression plans, each facility is constructed to ensure the safety and security of our equipment.

Cogent's network stretches over 185 markets throughout 38 countries in North America, Europe and Asia, with over 57,500 route miles of long-haul fiber and more than 27,200 miles of metropolitan fiber serving over 590 metropolitan rings.

Each of Cogent's state-of-the-art data centers are connected to their all-optical network. Cogent Data Centers are known for providing an environment where connectivity, availability, security and performance are the highest priority. Coupled with Cogent's high speed bandwidth, they give their customers the best value in the industry. Their committed customer support and local provisioning teams ensure maximum reliability.

Keystroke Quality Computing Inc. is not responsible and/or liable for database damage this hosting service, or it's employees may cause, or for loss of data as a result of using our hosting service.
While Keystroke Quality Computing Inc undertakes to backup and maintain customer databases, it is the customer's responsibility to backup and maintain their own data. Keystroke Quality Computing Inc. is not responsible for any costs relating to any interruption in hosting service or fees relating to data recovery.
Keystroke reserves the right to suspend or terminate our hosting services if the customer's account falls into arrears, and the customer does not respond to reasonable collection efforts. Exceptions remain at the exclusive discretion of Keystroke.

Please see the following payment conditions.
  1. Late Payment: When a payment is not made within one full billing period from the date of the bill, the account will be classified as past due. A late payment charge of 2% per month, translating to 24% per annum, will be added to all amounts billed. Each customer's statement shows the date the invoice was issued and the date by which payment must be made to avoid the late payment fees.
    Customers with past due payments will be notified in writing on the next billing statement that the account must be paid within the following month. This is the only notification that will be issued. If payment is not made within such time, Keystroke may initiate collection action and/or suspend service.
  2. Reconnection/Setup Fee: In cases of hosting suspension due to non-payment, a setup fee of $100 will be assed as a reconnection procedure: Following service disconnection for non-payment, service will not be reconnected until payment is made and the customer contacts Keystroke's Customer Service at 416-499-3090 or toll-free at 1-800-857-0558. After receipt of full payment, service will be reconnected no later than the next business day.
  3. Debt Applied: In the event a customer refuses to pay for products or services they purchased during the hosting period, Keystroke reserves the right to deduct the equivalent amount off their hosting term to settle the account.

Support & Upgrade Pricing Obsolescence Policy

Swiftpage's Upgrade Pricing Obsolescence Policy is to honor upgrade pricing for customers with the current release and, in most cases, two prior releases of a product. If you're using a version of Act! older than that, you’re not eligible for upgrade pricing and will instead need to purchase Act! at new pricing. SwiftPage does not sell licensing for unsupported legacy Act! products.

Like the upgrade pricing policy, SwiftPage will only provide technical support to to current releases of Act! product, and, in most cases, two prior releases of a product. Act! customers with an active Business Care support plan that are using an obsolete product will receive support through the expiration of the existing support plan. You're not able to renew your support contract unless you upgrade to a supported version of Act!. If you upgrade prior to the expiration of your support plan, your plan will be transferred to the new product and remain valid until the plan expires.

Act! Licensing Costs:

Act! Premium Subscription

  • Act! Premium and Premium Subscription (pricing may be reduced based on quantity)
  • As Swiftpage continually offers seasonal promotions, please check our shopping cart for current promotional pricing.
  • Quantity Discounts available.

Who we are?

Specializing in CRM software for small to medium sized businesses, through expert counsel, deployment, hosting, support, and development services.

Delivering fruitful CRM solutions since 1994, Keystroke is the #1 Act! Reseller in the World and Master Act! Distributor for Canada.

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