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Have questions about the MailManager4act?


Complete client-side email marketing system for Act!

Could you use some marketing help? Have you considered hiring a marketing manager or contracting one but the cost was prohibitive? If so, MailManager4Act could be the most inexpensive marketing service you will "never" hire. 

MailManager4Act! is a one-stop mail management solution that includes four programs in one, that are all integrated together to provide complete "client-side" email management. And each of these applications have been improved in the new MailManager4Act!, the key ingredients are as follows:


Opt-In Manager

  • Send Opt-in Emails to Contacts and update the Contact permissions in the database with one-click.
  • Lookup Contacts in the database based on email list
  • Lookup Contacts in the database based on bounced email messages stored in an IMAP folder
  • Manage webforms allowing Contacts to enter their information and then download this information to the Act database. If a match is found, the Contacts will be updated. Optionally, new Contacts can be created if a match is not found.
  • Add footer at bottom of email merges with automatic unsubscribe link


  • Create/Edit Templates in Rich Text Editor
  • Convert Native Act Templates using Template Converter
  • Merge To Word for printing
  • Merge To Email
  • Send Email From Stationery allows you to create mail merges on the fly with preformatted headers and footers
  • Schedule Email blasts
  • Open HTML files created outside of program
  • Use multipe SMTP servers with configurable options for faster sending
  • Built-in client side "opt-out" suppressions
  • Configurable send options to improve deliverablility

Knowtifier Lite

  • Automate emails to Contacts based on date field triggers.
  • Automate sales processes by firing off opportunity fields like actual and estimated close dates.
  • Never forget a birthday, anniversary, or other type of annual event again.
  • Does support upgrade to full Knowtifier Subscription for only an additional $150/year (50% discount)


  • The most popular Act addon of all time with over 3000 copies sold
  • Dramatically enhances the Act!-Outlook integration with superior History recording, Contact lookups
  • Allows you to send one or more contacts or activities from Outlook to Act! in a single right-click "Send-to-Act!" command
  • Send Reminders to Act! as To Do's under My Contact
  • Allows email History attaching to Contacts, Companies, Groups, or Opportunities
  • One perpetual Act4outlook license included with each MailManager or MailManager Lite subscription

The Opt-in Manager in Act-ion!


How MailManager4act helps you manage all your emarketing needs

MailManager4act delivers a complete emarketing solution for all your business mail management needs. From simple and quick emails to a select group of your contacts, to a large eblast to thousands, MailManager4act has the tools to get the job done in a professional, effective, efficient, and compliant manner.
Use the Opt-in Manager to harvest a receptive marketing list.

Use the Opt-in Manager to harvest a receptive marketing list.

Opt-in Manager sends and email to your contacts with a unique weblink where they can quickly and easily record their consent to receive email from you. For those that wish to decline, that option is available, as well. Those results are synced back to your database to help you make marketing groups based on those who've provided consent.
Click here for more details
Use the MailMerge to emarket to your customers

Use the MailMerge to emarket to your customers

Develop and send thousands of beautiful HTML emails with MailMerge that personalises each one with data from your database. Those emails can be sent with your mail servers or 3rd party providers like SendGrid.
Click here for more details
Email with Stationary

Email with Stationary

Ever want to send a personalized email to a lookup of contacts, but don't want to stop and create a template first? Email from stationary allows you to write the email, merge the salutation (and subject line!) on the fly, while using professional looking email stationary headers, signatures, and footers. Mail merging has never been easier or faster!
Click to learn more details
Enhanced Deliverability tools

Enhanced Deliverability tools

MailManager employs a variety of deliverability tools to send your email quickly and effectively. Use multipe SMTP servers with configurable options for faster sending. Built-in client side "opt-out" suppressions ensure opt-outs are respected, and configurable send options like small batch sends with delivery intervals all improve the chances of your emails getting to their intended destination.
Click here for more details
Manage Bounced Emails

Manage Bounced Emails

If you send emails, you're goign to get bounces, and MailManager helps you manage them. Configure MailManager to monitor an IMAP folder for bounces, and then convert those bounces into a list. Once compiled, use that list to search for all contacts linked to those bounced emails in one step.
Click here for more details
Convert & Share email templates

Convert & Share email templates

Any template you create in MailManager get's synced back to your Act! database Template folder where it can be shared by others. These are the ONLY proprietory templates that sync with Act!.
Get started quickly by converting any existing Act! templates into MailManager templates, after which you can polish them up with our desktop editor. MailManager can easily convert one or more at a time.

Powerful Desktop Publisher

Powerful Desktop Publisher

The built-in desktop publisher can create beautiful HTML emails from scratch, or open HTML files created from other programs.
Click here for more details

Use Knowtifier to send automated emails

Use Knowtifier to send automated emails

Never miss another customer birthday or anniversary again with the Knowtifier as it will reliably send greetings on their special day. Use it also for sales, as the Knowtifier can also be configured to send notices based on approaching opportunity dates like Estimated Close or Sales Dates.
Click here for more details
Manage your inbox better with Act4outlook

Manage your inbox better with Act4outlook

If effective, your emarketing is going to produce replies from your contacts, and what better tool to manage those inbox emails than Act4outlook. Easily attach inbound emails to Contact, Group, Company, or even Opportunity History. Do an Act! lookup based on one or more inbox emails, as well as creating Contacts & Activities from emails. And the Act4outlook license is perpetual!
Click here for more details
Webforms & Address Verifications

Webforms & Address Verifications

Two of the most powerful features of MailManager are also the newest. Create Webforms to capture new leads from your website that can easily be synced into your database with a click of a button.
And email your contacts "address verification" requests, where your email reports the contact information you for them, and if it's incorrect, they can update their details in a personalized webform that then syncs that new information back to your database. Always keep your data fresh and accurate with MailManager4act.
Click here for more details


Each of the emails sent with MailManager4Act! includes a CANSPAM compliant footer with the required sender details, along with an Unsubscribe option that links back to the Opt-in Manager. This makes it easy to keep your database compliant with your contact's consent.
Customizable to suit your unique needs

Customizable to suit your unique needs

With customizable headers, footers, email signatures, and Webform logos, as well as multiple email server settings, MailManager can be tailor fit to suit your unique needs and branding.
Scheduled Sends

Scheduled Sends

Unlike regular email, with MailManager you can schedule when you want to send your email blast, and even edit/delete it before launch.
Click HERE for a more detailed featured tour of MailManager4act! 

Product Focus Videos

As MailManager4act is comprised of four separate applications, the following are different product focus videos for each. Please note some features have been added or improved on with MailManager4act, but the following will give you a general understanding of the features of each.

Watch Opt-In Manager Product Demo

Watch MailMerge4act Product Demo

MailManager4Act! Webinar

MailManager Feature Gallery

Purchase Notes & System Requirements

  • All Pricing listed in USD
  • Price is based on per user, per year
  • Compatible with Act! v18 or higher (sold separately)
  • Internet Explorer 10+, or recent versions of Chrome or Firefox
PRICE: $240/year

Please note: The Opt-In Manager is a subscription because it requires our servers to capture and sync your data on an ongoing basis. Changes that occur to your database are permanent, and will remain if you let your subscription lapse, but no further updates or program functionality will be available.
The Opt-In Manager by itself does not make you compliant with different Anti-Spam or Privacy legislations, it is merely one time-saving tool that is effective in harvesting opt-in consents from your contacts in Act! CRM, and ensuring you have the proper sender identification and unsubscribe option in the footer.
For larger distributions, we recommend using 3rd party mail services like "SendGrid" to avoid mail delivery throttling or having your own mail servers blacklisted.

Special Discounts Available

Existing Opt-In Manager Subscribers (Save $40/year)

If you're an existing Opt-In Manager subscriber, you can switch over or renew to MailManager4Act! at no extra costs

Premium Plus Subscribers (Save $40/year)

If you're a new or existing Act! Premium Plus subscriber, you're eligible to save $40/year off your subscription of MailManager4Act!

Upgrade to full Knowtifier (Save $150/year)

If you're a subscriber to MailManager and would like to upgrade to the full version of the Knowtifier, you can save $150/year off your subscription of Knowtifier!

Want other members of your team to have MailManager? (Save $165/year)

It makes sense that if you love the emarketing tools of MailManager4act, other members of your team will too, so we've made it easier for you to give it to them. Since you do not need more than one Opt-in Manager, we're selling MailManager4act Lite for only $75/year for additional users. Every additional subscription would be configured with your Opt-in Manager settings, and no functionality is lost.

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