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Act! Pro vs. Premium


Do you have questions about whether Pro or Premium is right for you?




All the juicy differences

Overview Act! Pro Act! Premium
Number of users 1-10   10+  
Contact and Customer Manager functionality    
Windows Mobile Access (Sage Act! Connect) -    
Standard security settings    
Enhanced security settings -    
Group scheduling functionality -    
Advanced administration & sync options -    
Organize Contact Details Act! Pro Act! Premium
New easier to navigate ACT! interface including a Welcome Page    
Attach documents to History and Activities    
Create Company Records    
15 levels of Groups and Subgroups with dynamic membership rules    
Apply Note / History items to multiple contacts    
Rich Text Formatting    
Web Links Tab    
Link Contact/Company Fields    
Integration with Sage 50 Accounts (with free Sage Act! Link)    
Import data from hoovers.com¹    
Communication with Clients Act! Pro Act! Premium
Automatic contact sync between Act! & Outlook    
Send Outlook emails directly from Act!    
Attach new Outlook emails to an Act! contact    
Create Act! Contacts from Outlook E-mail    
Choose an Act! history option for every new Outlook email    
Attach received Outlook emails to Act! en masse    
Use Outlook Rules to automatically file emails in Act!    
Act! E-Marketing tab    
Get More Done Act! Pro Act! Premium
Create Act! Smart Tasks    
Import data directly from Excel    
Custom History / Activity Types    
Custom Priorities    
Check other users' activity availability    
Interactive graphical dashboards    
Automatic Outlook Calendar Sync    
Create Act! activities from Outlook    
Team dashboards -    
View activities for 10+ users -    
Control your sales pipeline Act! Pro Act! Premium
Create Sales Opportunities layouts    
Add unlimited custom opportunities fields    
Track communications with each opportunity    
Create multiple sales processes    
Filtered opportunity List View    
Track Multiple Products per Opportunity    
Opportunity Lookups    
Customizable Opportunity Fields    
One Button Export to Excel    
Define a default currency for each ACT! database    
Sales dashboards    
Link Opportunities with multiple contacts    
Sales team dashboards -    
Complete View of Customer Interactions Act! Pro Act! Premium
Advanced Keyword Search    
Save Lookups as Groups    
Edit Queries & Preview Results    
Perform searches on Groups and Companies    
Switch searches between contacts, groups & companies    
Previous look-up option    
Manage "Resources" with Activities -    
Securely Administer & Deploy to Teams Act! Pro Act! Premium
Export Act! contacts in vCard format    
Supports Citrix/Terminal Services access    
Set Password Format, Expiry & Re-Use Rules    
Create up to 50 remote databases simultaneously    
Company and Group Security Rules enforced    
Set Custom User Permissions like restricting "Record Deletion" and "Export to Excel" -    
Grant Contact Access en Masse -    
Dual Windows and Web Access capability -    
Web Access using FireFox -    
Supports Windows 7 & Windows 8 (Act! 2013 SP1)    
Supports MS Office 2010 & Office 2013 (Act! 2013 SP1)    
Works with 64-bit versions of Vista & Win Server 2003/08/11 (Act! 2013 SP1)    
Automatic Database Sync & Backup    
Automatic Database Maintenance    
Field Level Security    
Faster sync and sync progress bar    
Exclude attachments for faster back-up    
Advanced syncing features with "Network & Internet Syncing"    

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