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Our Applications

The purpose of automation is simple. Do more with less.
Ask us how.

Software Development & Our Products

As the largest reseller of Act! in the world, we're olften called upon to develop software solutions when Act! cannot do the job out of the box. These solutions have ranged from simple integration solutions, to free standing applications that work with Act! to improve our customer's user experience.

Customer Projects
The development team at Keystroke has years of experience developing custom Windows & Web applictions for Act!, when the core product does not fit exactly as needed. The projects can range from custom crystal reports, to macro buttons, to full-fledge applications that run within Act!, and are tailor-made for a specific business's needs. Whatever the case, Keystroke has the developers to deliver a solution for you.

  • Act! add-on development allows you to customize the Act! application precisely how you need it, with feature and security options not otherwise available within Act!
  • SDK Development
  • Our extensive knowledge of the Actcessories available can help you save time and money
  • Advanced custom table development and scripting can double the value of the Act! application

Commercial Products
Most customers will recognize Handheld Contact as the leading mobile application for Act!. Handheld Contact puts your Act! data where you need it, which is at your fingertips, all the time. However, as powerful as Handheld Contact is, Keystroke has developed automation, efficency, and business vertical solutions, as well.

Keystroke developed the Act4 line of vertical products to help professionals in certain industries, namely wealth management, mortgage brokering, real estate, tech support, and marketing, a little bit easier. The Act4 products have employed extensive industry feedback to build Act! solutions that fit these professionals business needs like a finely tailored suit.

Keystroke also developed the 4Act! line of horizontal products which offer utilities such as Importers, Telephony, Custom Tables, Automation, Enhanced Office Integration, QUoting Tools, Dedpuing, and much, much more.

The following represent a short list of some of our more popular "Actcessories":

Act4 Products

  • Act4outlook
  • Act4wealth
  • Act4mortgages
  • Act4support
  • Act4realty
  • Act4CASL
  • Act4hubspot

4Act! Products

  • Tables4Act!
  • Telephony4Act!
  • Mapper4Act!
  • Migrator4Act!
  • Automator4Act!
  • Deduper4Act!
  • Quoting4Act!
  • Importer4Act!
  • Exporter4Act!
  • AdminPack4Act!

Popular Standalone Products

  • Handheld Contact
  • The Knowtifier
  • Webplanner

Free Plugins

  • Contact GUID2Field
  • Activity Reassigner
  • Open Quote Monitor
  • The Opplet
  • The Oppdater
  • OppHistory
  • FieldAppend
  • Character2Memo

Popular Act! Utilities

  • Company/Group Limited Access
  • Company Creator & Deleter
  • Group Creator & Deleter
  • Secondary Contacts Promotor & Deleter
  • Notes2History
  • Koncatenator
  • Swiss Army Knife 2.0
  • ListView Manager
  • Role Customizer
  • MS Office Compatibility Kits
  • and much more

Who we are?

Specializing in home and business network solutions, providing efficiency and productivity via a local or remote setup.

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