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ACC AdminPack

Subscription Details: The Keystroke AdminPack is now available to Act! Consultants and Administrators, and is a "must have" for anyone managing one or more Act! databases for their business. As a reminder of the Actcessories included with the Act! Admin Pack are as follows: AdminTool V21>) ...Read more
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ACC AdminPack

Subscription Details:

The Keystroke AdminPack is now available to Act! Consultants and Administrators, and is a "must have" for anyone managing one or more Act! databases for their business.

As a reminder of the Actcessories included with the Act! Admin Pack are as follows:

  • AdminTool V21>)
  • Restore Without Username (v21>)
  • JustLogin (v21>)
  • Password ResetteR1 (v21>)
  • Nuke Entities (v21>)
  • Export User List to Excel (v21>)
  • Link Missing Attachments  (v21>)
  • Role Customizer
  • Importer4Act  (v21>)
  • Dependant DLLs Checker 
  • Reset IIS at 3:00am
  • Sync Watcher
  • User Copier  (v21>)
  • Swiss Army Knife 2.0
  • Act2Act (aka Migrator4Act!)
  • DB Indexer (v21>)
  • SCUD (Safe Contact User Deleter)
  • ELF (Entity Link Fixer)
  • BAH (Broken Activity Hunter)

AdminTool: Our new User Manager is the first tool to decrypt the new v21 SA password, as well as many user functions from outside of Act!, or across the network. Change the security role to any user, make them active or inactive, set passwords to blank, and check the last login and sync details. An essential tool for any Admin managing one or more databases.

The AdminTool can also do the following:

  • Restore withour username/password
  • Export User list to Excel
  • Rebuild OLE2 DB objects
  • Lock and unlock DB
  • Demote and Promote (from Pro to Premium and reverse)
  • Work locally or across a network (finds all SQL instances and connected databases)
  • Displays SQL info
  • Disable/Enable user accounts

JustLogin:  is an Act! plugin that will enable you to enter the username “SUPERADMIN” (without the quotes) and be logged into any Act! database as an administrator, without changing any user passwords.

Password Resetter: makes it easy to reset any user’s password to blank, without needing to know any active logins for a database.

Nuke Entities: makes it easy to get rid of records you don’t want, or which are causing issues in the database.  It can delete many different record types, including Secondary Contacts and Histories, and do it much faster than Act! itself.

Export User List to Excel: does exactly what it says – just select your database and hit “Export” and within seconds you’ll be presented with an Excel spreadsheet detailing the users in the selected database, including their username, whether they have a password set, and their role.

Link Missing Attachments: is a utility which can deal with converted databases where the attachments have gone missing. After selecting the database you want to use, and choosing between links or attachments, just hit start and any previously missing attachments that can be found will be re-attached to the database.

Role Customizer:* allows you to quickly and easily change a user’s role, without the need to login to a database as an administrator, or even know a user’s username or password. Simply point the Role Changer at a PAD file, and you can start assigning roles to users immediately. Additionally, you can create custom roles, as well as redefine the permissions which are linked to the default roles. This is a killer selling point for your bigger customers.

Importer4Act!: is our import tool. We’ve been using it for nearly five years, and now we’re making it available to you to make your consulting job easier too! With a plethora of options for data sources, linking methods, dedupe settings, and the exclusive pre-import report, you’ll never be stuck unable to bring data into Act!.

Dependent DLLs Checker: allows the ACC to quickly view what Act! Plugins are not loading.  Whenever an Act! plugin fails, Act! will not load it ever again, unless you manually remove the dll from “purgatory.”  This utility allows you to quickly and easily manage this process.  It also provides a convenient way to delete DependentDLLs.xml.

Reset IIS at 3am: As the name implies, this utility resets IIS at 3:00 am

Sync Watcher: Tries to connect to the sync server every 5 minutes; if it gets an error or the services isn’t running it restarts the sync service.

User Copier: Copies users from one database to another maintaining record IDs.

Swiss Army Knife: An advanced tool that allows you to perform Excel-style modifications to your data directly inside of Act!. As well as make updates to your database that the software does not currently feature.

Orphaned Attachment Deleter: Has two distinct capabilities that are both similar, but opposite sides of the coin. You can opt to perform either or both of these actions on a database:

  1. Identify files in the Attachments folder which are no longer linked to any History and deletes them. This helps keep syncs in check and reduces backup sizes.
  2. Identify Documents Tab entries which point to non-existent files and deletes them.

Migrator4Act!:  Formerly known as "Act to Act", this powerful utility copies everything from one database to another to help fix  a broken database or bring everything over from an orphaned remote.
Uses for Act! to Act! include:

  • Copy the entire database, or select a group to transfer
  • Create fields in the destination database
  • Migrate some custom entities
  • Migrate limited access with the records including teams
  • Migration of users
  • Delete the transferred contacts from source upon move
  • and much, much more!

BAH (Broken Activity Hunter): BAH allows you to scan for activities outside of Act! to find ones that are broken and affecting your calendar use. BAH can help you find bad activities and then delete them, thus restoring calendar functionality back to Act!.

ELF (Entity Link Fixer): When custom tables are created, they are linked to contacts, groups, companies, and opportunities, and these linkages cannot be edited after creation. ELF can add or delete these links to save users from having to export all their data, create a new table, and then import the data back again.

SCUD (Safe Contact User Deleter): SCUD does what its name implies and so much more. It is another one of our many-tools-in utilities, and allows you to manage user lists outside of Act!, decrypt the SA password, and more.

  • Add, Edit, Delete users from outside Act!
  • Reset Passwords, status and security role
  • Delete User without breaking Histories
  • Connect to local or remote SQL instances, and then all connected databases
  • Decrypt SA Password
  • Launch SQL protocols
  • Display database statistics (number of contacts, companies, opps, activities, groups, notes and histories


NOTE:All of these tools are designed to be used by you, the Act! Consultant. Every tool in the ACC Admin Pack requires your username and password (which will be set up when we contact you after your purchase) upon launch. If we find that you are allowing your customers to use any of the tools in the ACC Admin Pack, your account will be disabled and you will be contacted to discuss the situation. Please only use these tools yourself. If your customer needs their own copy of a tool, contact us and we'll discuss the options with you.

Please note: License keys for subscription keys cannot be generated by the website, and may take up to one-two business days to fulfil depending on the product and time of order. To avoid service disruption, please do not use trial licenses up to the last minute before placing online order.

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