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QuickBooks Integration with Act!
Qsales for Act!

Qsales makes Act! the perfect CRM for QuickBooks users

See the whole picture with contact & customer data in one place

Qsales v13 is here, and it's worth the wait. Keystroke's new Qsales v13 seamlessly integrates your Act! and Quickbooks applications together to give your whole team the account visibility they need to be more productive and informed. Having the data to see contacts as customers allows users to understand the value of an account at an instant, including their account status, product preferences, payment patterns, and even the volume of business from year to year.

Qsales allows users to respond to urgent customer needs quickly by recording payments or generating new transactions from inside of Act!. And the Overdue Toolbar Utility warns users of past due accounts, helping to avoid further credit risks with that client.    

What's more, Qsales v13 saves you money as all the Act! users can now have access to vital account details for the cost of one QuickBooks license. That's right, the new Qsales v13 gives your entire team account visibility through the eyes of a single QuickBooks user. More data visibility for more users at less cost is why we say Qsales makes Act! the perfect CRM for QuickBooks.


New Dual Deployment API makes Qsales 13.1 great for teams of all sizes!

Now Single and smaller teams no longer need a dedicated QuickBooks license for the Qsales API. Our new "Personal" API deployment allows these customers to use the same QuickBooks license for Qsales as they do for logging into QuickBooks. So now Qsales is great for teams of any size. Click HERE to learn more.

Click HERE to learn about the upgrade features released in June of 2021.


Fast Facts on the Features of the New Qsales for Act!

Seamless CRM & Accounting Integration

Our Easy Setup Wizard gets you started fast

A step-by-step wizard helps guide you through the setup process based on whether you're a new or existing Act! user.

Qsales Reporting

Gain important sales & collection insights with the Qsales reporting tool featuring 13 built-in reports, including sales by customer, product, or rep, as well as a variety of overdue account reports.


NEW Qsales v13 for Act! Licensing Decision Worksheet

The following worksheet is meant to assist you with deciding how many additional Qsales licenses you need to purchase for your company. Note that with Qsales v13, you now only need to have one Quickbooks license to cover all your Act! users to have full functionality. And for the first time, remote users with syncing RDB's also have access to Qsales functionality.

Please note that Qsales requires a dedicated QuickBooks license to connect all users to the accounting data, and this license cannot be used by any other QuickBooks user to login. Act! users without Qsales are limited to the summary data under the QB Data tab.

Refer to the worksheet below to see the different features available depending on if the users are on the same network as QuickBooks, or working remotely. Qsales is licensed per workstation.

Act! & Qsales features
Act! user without Qsales (Network or Remote)
Remote Act! user with Qsales & an RDB
Act! user with Qsales & access to Master DB
View general QB Fields in Act! (Terms, Type, Rep, Credit Limit, etc.)
Create professional looking Quotes from Opportunities
Be alerted of overdue accounts on the Qsales Toolbar
Access to the QB Transactions Tab in Act! (view all transactions)
Double-click on transactions in the QB Transactions Tab to see details
Access to the QB Items Tab and the Lookup Items button in Act!
Create & Edit QB Customers and Vendors from inside Act!
Create & Edit QB Transactions from inside Act!
Convert Opportunities to QB Transactions inside Act!
Link Records between Act! and QuickBooks
“Refresh Data from QB” functions on the QSalesData toolbar
Manually import QB Transactions or products into Act!
= Supported Feature
= Unsupported Feature

Qsales v13.1 Feature Tour


How to Manage Transactions From Within Act!

How to create & edit QuickBooks customers inside of Act!

Quoting Inside
of Qsales

How to install the Qsales API

Setting up the nightly Qsync

How to setup a new database with Qsales

How to setup Qsales with an existing database

How to create & edit QB customers inside of Act!

Using the Qsales Quoting feature inside of Act!

How to manage transactions from within Act!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Qsales save me money on QuickBooks?

Prior to Qsales v13, for Act! users to view customers transaction history, they'd all have to have a QuickBooks license. This could easily add $400-1000 in license cost per user. Qsales v13 connects all users to the QuickBooks data through one user account, meaning a business can provide everyone access to vital accounting details for the cost of one QuickBooks license.


Purchase Notes & System Requirements

Prices, Currencies, and Terms

  • $120 per activation, per year (all pricing listed in USD)

Software System Requirments

  • Act! v19.2 Pro & Premium and newer (including v24)
  • QuickBooks 2018 Basic, Pro, Premier and Enterprise and HIGHER (US, Canadian, and UK version)
  • Qsales API must be setup on a Windows Professional or Server-based operating system (must support Internet Information System).

Qsales for Act! Setup Instructions:

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