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En chronologie Histoire de Act!


La compagnie « Conductor Software » fut fondée en 1986 à Dallas au Texas par Pat Sullivan et Mike Muhney. Son produit, ACT!, a vu le jour en 1987. Le nom d’origine du logiciel était « Activity Control Technology » puis « Automated Contact Tracking » avant de devenir simplement l’acronyme.

Le nom de la compagnie a par la suite changé pour « Contact Software International », et fut déménagée de son édifice original le « mustang building » à Las Colinas vers un édifice en bordure de « Freeport Parkway » près de l’aéroport de Dallas (DFW). À partir de la version 2006, le nom a été modifié par « ACT! by Sage » pour devenir « Sage ACT! ».  En 2013, Swiftpage en a fait l’acquisition et le renomma « Act! ».  La version actuelle est Act! v19.  Le développement est fait à Scottsdale en Arizona avec des bureaux dans plusieurs pays.

Chronologie de Act!

de 1980 à aujourd'hui


Act! CRM SaaS

In October of 2020, an otherwise forgettable year, Swiftpage launched it's first iteration of Act! CRM SaaS - a totally online, super-fast 64-bit multi-tenant architecture single-sign-on experience. For the first time customers can completely manage their own account with a built-in purchase portal.



Swiftpage introduces Growth Suite

In May 2019, Swiftpage introduced a bundling of Act! CRM, Marketing Automation, and Support options called Growth Suite, whose tiers were named Professional, Premier, and Ultimate to correspond with their respective support package inclusions of the same name.


Act! Premium Plus introduced

In early 2018, in their boldest move in recent years, Swiftpage introduced a new tier of Act! called Act! Premium Plus, which incorporates custom tables and a new community library of industry database designs that can be imported into a user database within minutes.



Act! Celebrates 30th Anniversary

From the early days of Act! as a DBF product, to 30-years later where it is used by 72,000 companies in 150 countires around the world.

2017 - 2018

Insight Reporting tool

Late in 2017, Swiftpage launches new reporting technology called Insights with Act! 20, along with a modern UI, and Alexa integration. Later in Act! 20.1, Swiftpage fundamentally changed their Outlook integration to improve History attaching, and Contact/Calendar syncing. New mergemail technology was also introduced with this service pack.

2017 - 2018


Swiftpage connects with Zapier

Swiftpage announced a new connection service with Zapier called "Act! Connect", which supported integration with popular online services like Slack, PayPal, Survey Monkey, QuickBooks, etc. Act! Connect also included a new level of integration with Outlook.


Act! switches to a subscription

On May 5th, 2015, Swiftpage announced the transition from selling Act! as a purchase to a subscription model. An 18-month migration period was introduced to help customers make the transition.



Swiftpage sells Saleslogix

Choosing to focus their CRM efforts exclusively on Act!, in 2014 Swiftpage sold Saleslogix to Infor, and launched a new SaaS product called Act! Cloud, which would later be renamed Act! Essentials.


Swiftpage buys Act! & Saleslogix

In 2013, Swiftpage took ownership of Act! & Saleslogix, and re-branded the former as simply "Act!". Later that year they would transition from Sage green to Swiftpage orange branding, and release their first independent version in Act! v16



Sage rebrands Act! as Sage ACT!

In an attempt to integrate Act! into their large family of products, Sage rebranded Act! as Sage Act! with version 2011. This version also incorporated support for SQL2008.


Seizing the Opportunity

In a major structural change to the product, Sage introduced "Opportunities" as new parent table, complete with their own notes, histories, activities, contacts, etc., and dramatically overhauled the UI. Their Act! for Web product followed suit with similar changes to UI.



Swiftpage integrates with Sage Act!

In what would prove to be a significant move in the evolution of the Act! product, Swiftpage Emarketing was integrated into the core product, and sold to consumers as a separate value-add subscription service. Swiftpage was founded in 2001.


Act! moves to SQL 2005

With the release of Act! 2007, SQL 2005 was introdcued to replace the slower & more problematic SQL 2000.



HHC offers true mobility to Act! users

In 2003 Handheld Contact introduced mobile support for Blackberry. Contacts, Calendars, Notes, and Histories reliably synced from Act! to the BLackberry devices, completing users CRM experience. In 2009 HHC added support for iOS (iPhones), and then Android followed in 2012.

In 2017, Swiftpage started selling HHC on www.Act.com as their exclusive 3rd party mobility solution, aknowledging them as the industry leader.


Sage purchased Act!

Sage purchased Interact Commerce in 2001,[10] through Best Software, then its North American software division.



Sage launches SQL version of Act!

Beginning with the 2005 version, the name was revised to ACT! by Sage, and the product was upgraded from a DBF architecture to SQL, utilizing SQL 2000.


The birth of Act!

The company Conductor Software was founded 1986 in Dallas, Texas, by Pat Sullivan[8] and Mike Muhney.[9] Its product, ACT!, was released in 1987. The original name for the software was Activity Control Technology then Automated Contact Tracking before finally just using the acronym, Act!.


1993 - 1998

Launch of Sales Logix

The name of the company was changed to Contact Software International, and the company moved out of its original office in the "mustang building" in Las Colinas to a building off Freeport Parkway near DFW Airport. Contact Software International was then sold to Symantec Corporation in 1993, who then sold it to SalesLogix (later renamed to Interact Commerce) in 1999.

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