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Catégorie : News
16 janvier 2020
Swiftpage announced this week that Update 3 for Act! v22 will be released on Friday, January 17th, and their hosting servers will have this applied that weekend. While the list of expected fixes is below, this update is largely intended to address the formatting issue with Notes/History that was introduced with this version as they attempted to...
Catégorie : News
15 janvier 2020
Google Oauth Error Messages: We are aware of an issue affecting a limited number of Act! users for which errors are generated when authenticating the Google Integration. These errors stem from security changes implemented by Google and only affect users who have not yet configured their Google sync. Existing Oauth keys and sync capabilities are...
Catégorie : Actcessories
13 janvier 2020
Yes, Act4mail is here! Act4mail is the API successor to the wildly popular Act4outlook (the top selling Act! add-on of all time) that we've updated to work through the WebAPI. In practical terms, what this means is that users finally have Act4outlook functionality with hosted databases and 64-bit versions of Office. In fact, users with lighter...
Catégorie : Act!
13 janvier 2020
Since Act! Marketing Automation was released last November, there has been a lot of discussion about the comparative benefits of the different tiers of AMA (later rebranded as Growth Suite). So much so, that many prospective subscribers had trouble understanding where the benefits of one tier ended and the next began.   While Keystroke has put...
Catégorie : Actcessories
11 janvier 2020
Whether you're in sales or service, time is likely your most valuable asset, but often the means to managing that time with your customers is clumsy and fraught with needless delays, as vendors & customers go back and forth by email trying to find a mutually convenient time to meet. And wasted time is wasted money.  The new & improved...
Catégorie : News
11 janvier 2020
Keystroke is excited to ring in the new year with some news that we know will make all our current and future add-on customers happy. We have just released a new licensing renewal system that enables our customers to renew their add-on subscriptions autonomously, while rewarding them for "on-time" renewals with an extra 10% discount! On-time...
Catégorie : News
11 janvier 2020
We're very excited about 2020. During the month of January we'll be releasing three new Act! API add-on products, namely Book2act, Act4mail, and Handheld Contact API, and we wanted celebrate with a limited time offer for all early adopters. From now until the end of February 2020, we're offering an extra three months of subscription on select...
Catégorie : News
8 janvier 2020
Last month during a random Friday morning the Keystroke team started noticing email services behaving erratically. It wasn't long before we noticed that all our websites were timing out, as well. Our Internet was working fine, but our email and production websites were inaccessible. It took about 30-minutes before we discovered our data center was...
Catégorie : News
7 janvier 2020
SCOTTSDALE, AZ — December 19, 2019 — Swiftpage, the provider of Act!, a leading cloud-enabled CRM and marketing automation platform aimed at helping small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) grow, today announced the appointment of the company’s new president and CEO, Steve Oriola. Oriola has been actively involved with the business for more than a...
Catégorie : General
29 décembre 2019
Written by John Oechsle (former Swiftpage CEO) The New Year to-do list for an Small-to-Medium Business (SMB) owner can be daunting. No doubt you’re thinking about myriad administrative and organizational needs relating to accounting and finance, staffing, your product and service roadmap for the year and more. In the course of all this productive...

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