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Écrit par Mike Muhney
11 juin 2020

As the Co-Inventor of ACT!, the product that literally created the software category known as Contact Managers, and is the product that has been acknowledged as the catalyst that started the entire CRM industry, you might expect me to be pro-CRM. I’m not. As is the case with so many things in life, we as people are often more likely to point the finger at someone else rather than ourselves. The focus, even the actual definition, of CRM as it has all along been known is wrong in my opinion. Having let that cat out of the bag, I am sure that I’ll be hearing soon from some of the CRM experts out there. I look forward to it.

No one I’ve ever met in the “CRM” industry knows how the acronym ever came about. Assuming it was well-intentioned, it nonetheless was mis-defined and mis-targeted from whomever originally coined the phrase, and in my opinion always will be that way.

You May Be Asking -  How Dare You Challenge Conventional Wisdom?
Now bear with me. Think about this. Is it really possible to manage any relationship? Do you think that you can “manage” me if I am a member of your CRM system? No, you can’t, and you never will be able to “manage” relationships. In fact, truth be told if you ask anyone in sales who is using a CRM system they’ll tell you that CRM is not a relationship management tool as much as it is a management tool. And we all know how much we enjoy managers peering over our shoulders. Perhaps there is a better way for all parties to better embrace what is inherently a great concept yet with abysmal results as reported by over 50% of organizations using them. To do so, however, will require adopting a fresh new perspective. If successfully done by the company funding the use of “relationship management”, by the sales management group, and yes by the most important intended individual users themselves – the sales people.

Let’s Change That “R” Word And Start Over
Yes, obviously, without meaningful relationships meaningful results are more likely to be in the category of slim-to-none. Realizing though that none of us can “manage” another person what can we then manage? The answer is staring you right in the face – you can better manage yourself. And what is it about yourself that you can manage, and in fact is the most important aspect of why you need to manage yourself better? It all points to one thing – your reputation.  That’s right, your reputation, and that is what the “R” in CRM ought to stand for. The quality, and reach, of my reputation at the end of the day is what will ultimately determine your level of success, for which there is no substitute. Looking at it from that perspective intensifies the reason to use relationship and organizational tools to better reflect that reputation of yours which is solely determined by those with whom you have relationships. That directly affects your pocketbook, something most of us care about and strive to grow each and every year. Legacy of relationship value is only determined by your “reputation quotient” not only in the minds of others but their then comparing and contrasting you among all others in their perception of your value.


About Mike Muhney

Mike Muhney is the Co-Inventor of ACT!, and is a recognized expert in the domain of Relationships and Reputations having pioneered the entire Relationship Management and CRM global industry. Today Mike is a Keynote Professional Speaker sharing principle-based insights and inspiration helping people and businesses to achieve greater and stronger relevant relationships from which all livelihoods and success depends. Using his S.T.A.R. program he helps people and businesses understand how to achieve not only excellent but elite relationship connections and elevate their reputations that drive referrals and sustained customer loyalty.  Visit www.MikeMuhney.com for further information. Mike can be reached at Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser..


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