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Catégorie : Handheld Contact
Écrit par Ken Quigley
15 janvier 2019

Handheld Contact is pleased to announce three separate releases today - separate builds for both Android and IOS, and an update to our Windows Console, all of which represent the biggest across the board upgrade to our subscription offerings in over a year.

These changes are as follows:

Handheld Contact Windows Console - version

  • Fixed bug affecting French users who were unable to open the application after some Windows updates
  • Fixed bug with validation of selected history types
  • Fixed bug with opportunities filter
  • Fixed bug where promoted secondary contact was sent with wrong update type

Handheld Contact for Android version

  • NEW: Added ability to add profile pictures to contacts
  • NEW: Added Mobile mapping feature
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Handheld Contact for IOS version 8.3.1

  • NEW: Added ability to add pictures to contacts
  • NEW: Added Mobile mapping feature
  • NEW: Enhanced User Interface
  • Minor fixes and improvements

If you want to take a look at the new features check out our video of the live demo on youtube:  https://youtu.be/doTIVH2CtKA

Here is a link to the knowledge base article that show you how the mobile mapping works: http://support.handheldcontact.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/170/0/how-does-mobile-mapping-work

And yes, the upgrades are seamless and do not require a resend of all data! Enjoy the new features!

Marketing Update
We'd also like to advise the HHC Community, resellers and end-users alike, that we'll be launching a new Handheld Contact newsletter starting next week. It will be a short publication consisting of three articles, and a link to the end-user webinar hosted by Vic Krahn next week. We'll also be initiating a Winback campaign for past HHC users, starting with those accounts that expired from the beginning of 2016 to the end of 2018. 

Certification Program
And finally, we've updated the certification program to include all the features added to the Handheld Contact device and Windows applications in the last year, and we expect to be scheduling certifications of resellers starting next month. As a reminder, certified resellers get higher margins, support referrals, and special designation on our website.

Thanks for your time and continued support. Let's stay connected!

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