The "Layout Switcher" is Keystroke's latest Freebie

Category: Actcessories

Keystroke's Newest Free Actcessory
"The Layout Switcher"

Does your Act! toolbar have so many icons it's spilling into a second row? Have you ever wanted to fix this problem by removing the large Layout Selector, only to discover there is no other way to change the layout?
If so, you're going to love the latest free tool by Keystroke called Layout Switcher. Simply drop the DLL into the Act! Plugins folder (with Act! closed), and make sure it's unblocked (right-click, properties, and click "unblock" if needed). Start Act! again, and use Tools>Layout Switcher to access this feature.

Now you can free up the biggest space waster on your toolbar by deleting the layout selector, and allowing room for more Actcessories without causing the toolbar to spill into a second row.
To remove Act!'s space wasting layout selector, simply click on Tools>Customize?Menus & Toolbars, and then right-click on the Layout Selector and choose "Delete".

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2018-01-21 17:40:23

Keystroke AGAIN Awarded Top Act! Reseller

Category: News

We are proud to announce that for the third consecutive year has been awarded the Top Act! Reseller in the World title by Swiftpage - the makers of Act!.

Achieving this distinction requires commitment from all departments, including sales, support, development and admin, and in each of these we believe we have the best in the industry. 

Over the last year we have increased our team to thirty, added a new office in Oregon, added over fifty products to our inventory of Actcessories, and widened our sales lead to over double our nearest worldwide competitor, 

2018-01-21 11:20:53

Act! Premium Plus is Coming Soon!

Category: ACT

The first new version of Act! in a decade gets introduced
next month, and Keystroke is helping develop it!

As part of their Act! 20.1 Service Pack distribution, Swiftpage will be releasing Act! Premium Plus, the first new Act! Product in over a decade, that will include custom table technology developed by Keystroke. This exciting new tier of product, expected out in late February, will instantly lift the sights of Act! users around the world, as Act! will suddenly be infused with new customization and data management capability.

For those unfamiliar with custom tables, they dramatically augment the power of Act! by enabling countless one-to-many relationships inside of each contact, company, group or opportunity. But what does this really mean?

Industry Verticals
In real life terms, custom tables simply support the way you work. Industries like wealth managers, mortgage brokers, and realtors will now be able to properly manage transactional data. Whether this data takes the form of mortgage details, insurance policies, real estate listings, service contracts, or product details, Act! Premium Plus can now handle it more efficiently than ever before. Think of it like adding limitless data forms to a record in Act! with the same ease as a new line in a spreadsheet. And like a spreadsheet, these tables can be configured to do math calculations which will not only save time, but hasten data entry (see below for a sample of List View calculations).

2018-01-19 22:02:36
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