System Requirements
    Obtaining Installation Program
    Running Installation
    Launching TopLine Alerts
    Obtaining Updates
    Displaying Current Version
 Managing Tasks
    Setup Database
    Setup Email
    Adding Task
    Editing Task
    Editing Properties
    Removing Task
    Disabling Task
    Managing Service
    Using Event Viewer
 Type of Tasks
    Activitiy Alert
    Send Email
    History Alert
    Opportunity Alert
    Dashboard Report
    Synchronization Alert
    Create Companies
    Using Windows SMTP Server
    Changing Service User
    Mapped Drives vs UNC Path
    Outlook Settings for SMTP

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TopLine Alerts is a notification program for ACT! 2006/2007/2008/2009/2010/2011. It monitors activities and opportunities in your ACT! database and sends customized email notifications to any email address based on chosen conditions. TopLine Alerts is designed to be installed on the server where ACT! resides, but will also work on an individual workstation. Only one license of TopLine Alerts is needed to alert every user in the master database. TopLine Alerts automates the report process saving you time and administrative resources.

The TopLine Alerts application has two primary components. The first component is the Windows Service and the second component is the User Interface.

The windows service actually performs the work and executes the tasks. This service runs in the background and should operate whether a user is logged into or out of the machine.

The user interface is used to configure the tasks to run at given times.

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