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Custom Tables - Part #1

Category: Actcessories

What are custom tables, and why should you care?
As a technology, custom tables have been supported in Act! since version 2008, Service Pack #3, however, despite their relative longevity, only a minority of Act! users are aware of them – and fewer still using them. So what are custom tables, and why should we care about them?

To appreciate custom tables properly, we need to understand what Act! is without them.
Out of the box, Act! is comprised of tables for Contacts, Companies, Groups, and Opportunities, and for the most part that is where Act! users store their field data. For the majority, this type of data structure is sufficient, with people storing information like dates of birth, anniversaries, and general contact information quite adequately within these tables.
Transactional Data
For others, however, this type of rigid structure is quite limiting, as Contacts, Groups, and Companies do not support what I call “transactional data”. To illustrate the importance of this distinction, imagine having a contact field in your database for “Last Sale”. The data in this field would continuously be overwritten by the “latest” sales data for this contact, making any sort of history recording for this field difficult, if not impossible.
2017-04-23 23:17:39

Keystroke Welcome Kit

Category: General

As part of our new “Keystroke Koncierge Program”, we are pleased to announce the introduction of our new “Welcome Kit” available exclusively to our customers. The Welcome Kit is comprised of some useful Actcessories that we’ve developed here at Keystroke, to improve the efficiency and enjoyment of using Act! Available in a single, easy-to-use installer,
The keystroke Welcome Kit loads a collection of helpful Act! plugins, including the following:
2017-04-22 10:01:51

Act! now before the May 1st Price increase

Category: ACT

You like them Oranges?
Then Act! now to save on Act! Pro v19 before the May 1st price increase

Many changes to Swiftpage's pricing and payment policies will be ushered in on May 1st, making now the best time to plan your upgrade to Act! v19. Here's a quick breakdown of the current pricing versus what will go into effect next month:

  Before April 28th  After May 1st
Act! Pro v19 (Full License)  $239.95 $269.95
Act! Pro v19 (Upgrade)  $179.95 $199.95


2017-04-16 11:18:11
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