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A simple workaround to fix Calculated Fields

Category: ACT

Calculated fields were introduced in Act! with version 16, but they didn't always work as expected with certain databases. The cause for this is based on Act!'s unique database design that employs spillover tables to manage constantly expanding database schemas.

Shortly into the release cycle of Act v16 it was discovered that if a database had too many spillover tables (typically ten spillover tablles or approximately 300 custom fields), date based caclulated fields did not work properly. That is to say if you had a field that caclulated the number of days or years from-or-to a particlular date field, the field calculting the number of days or years from that date would never update. An Age Field, for instance would not update the contacts age even when a birthday passed.

2017-01-25 19:57:22

Encore Presentation! Act v19 Virtual Roadshow on January 31st

Category: ACT


We're hosting another free Act! v19 Virtual Roadshow, demonstrating the newly released Act! v19. We'll also be demonstrating Act4outlook, Act4CASL, and the Knowtifier, as well as an exciting new product and feature offering from Handheld Contact. Please join us for a fun and informative introduction to the latest version of Act!, and a plethora of new supporting products!

2017-01-20 23:21:06

Introducing HHC+ with up to 45K contacts

Category: Handheld Contact

Sync up to 45 000 contacts from your Act! database to Handheld Contact on your mobile device!

For those Handheld Contact customers that need more than 15,000 contacts on their mobile devices, we finally have a solution for you. Over the last two years HHC listened and increased the normal sync limit from 7000 contacts to the 15,000 limit where it is today, and that has proven sufficient for most of our subscribers.

However, we know some customers still require more, and for those people we're offering "HHC+" starting later in January for both IOS and Android device users. HHC+ will include an upgrade to an additional 15,000 contacts for only $20 more per year, or an increase of 30,0000 contacts (for a total of 45,000) for only $35 more.

One of the key changes we had to make to the mobile client was the ability to filter the export of the HHC contacts to the native address book, which you will soon be able to do through our new "Searches" feature. In other words, create a saved Search, do the lookup, and export those contacts (or updates) to your device's address book.

We caution some users with older devices (eg. iPhone 3 and 4) that increasing their sync contacts from 15,0000 to a total of 45,000 can cause some performance issues. Newer devices that we've tested have not demonstrated any degradation in performance.

We’ve recently upgraded Handheld Contact with some new features, if you haven’t checked out the new features for iPhone/iPad and Android.

Online Demonstration:
If you’d like to see a demonstration of HHC+, we’re hosting a demo to launch our new monthly Deep Dive demo series, on Wednesday, January 25th at 2pm EST

Register here:

Thanks for your time today, and we hope to see you at this week's HHC+ deep dive. 

2017-01-20 23:08:56
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