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Six-Month Payment plan now available through Keystroke

Categories: ACT , News

We are thrilled to be able to officially debut the ACT! 6-month payment plan, available exclusively through Keystroke,  that you can now use to purchase ACT! products, subscriptions, and hosting!

The specifics are below but in short, this is a fantastic opportunity for small business people, like yourself, that want to take advantage of the power of Act!, but found the up front cost too burdensome to budget for. That obstacle has now been removed! The new ACT! Payment Plan allows you to pay Act in 6 equal monthly installments over a half year, interest free, while receiving the ACT! serial numbers within 24-hours of your order. This would allow you to order Act! today, and take advantage of the whatever specials are currently available. Act! Now! Pay over 6-months! There's never been a better time to get organized and productive with Act!

Here Are the Specifics 

  1. Minimum order is $1,000 to ACT! (exclusive of labour & sales taxes where applicable). Keystroke may make exceptions at it's sole discretion.

  2. This offer is only for Act! product types ( ie., ACT! License, Subscription, Hosting, Business Care, and Annual Support Plans)

  3. The customer pays Keystroke directly via credit card whose expiry date is later than the end of the payment plan.

  4. Customer is billed upfront by Keystroke, and the eligible payment plan purchases are then charged to their credit card over the course of 6 months

  5. No interest is charged by Keystroke, but customer is not eligible for annual pre-payment benefits.

  6. No discount beyond current published promotions will be allowed

  7. Foreign Exchange Fees, where applicable, are charged at time of purchase and are not variable with time of payments.


Enter "Act! 6-month payment plan" in the "Special Instructions" section during the online checkout if you'd like to take advantage of this terrific, interest free, 6-month payment plan..

2016-01-31 00:55:39

Handheld Contact vs Act! Premium Mobile

Categories: Uncategorized , ACT , ACT! Tips , Handheld Contact

As we launch our new 50% off Handheld Contact (HHC) promotion, I was reminded of the many times hosting customers have asked about the benefits of HHC compared to the Act! Premium Mobile (APM) they get for free as part of their Act! hosting. My standard response is I use both because they each offer different benefits that compliment each other based on the need of that moment.

To provide a more exhaustive explanation of the benefits of the two, we have prepared a chart that high lights the differences, but basically the biggest difference between the two products/services  is one is offline, and the other is online.

SAC_Cloud_NoText_PIPOnline (Act! Premium Mobile) means the following:

  • Greater access to all parts of the database included groups, companies, opportunities

  • Does not rely on syncing so database changes are immediate for the other users

  • No limit to the number of contacts you can access

  • No access to alarms, so it will not alert you to an upcoming activity

  • Can be used to email blast contacts within groups & companies from mobile device

  • Slower access to data and requires login


2016-01-29 17:27:43

Act! 18.0 Update 5 available

Categories: ACT , News , ACT! Tips


We’re pleased to announce the availability of Act! 18.0.501 Update 5.



This update is available on our Resources Download page, with each new Act! v18.0 install through slipstream, and through the Act! Update service. This update makes improvements to the customer experience while not changing the database schema version. Coordination of client updates is not required. Act! Administrators are advised to read the section below named “Update will open KB article” as this information applies to private and shared database owners.

Update 5 contains the following bug fixes:

  • D-04024 – Fixes an issue where using the Global Toolbar Email command did not populate the TO: field with the target Contact email addresses.

  • D-04025 – Fixes an issue where Contact > Edit > Replace would fail on secured servers.

  • D-04034 – Yes/No fields will no longer be removed from a Layout after editing. (See DBFixer notes below)

  • D-04035 – Fixes an issue where Yes/No field types could not be renamed. (See DBFixer notes below)

  • D-04037 – Fixes an issue where focus on a new Contact was lost when saving, or when triggering an automatic save through another action. E.g., adding an Activity.

  • D-04039 – Re-enabled email commands for Chrome users. These users can set their email client preferences to “Use default email”.


Update will open a KB article:
Lastly, this update involves a DBFixer to implement the SQL stored procedure changes needed to fix the Yes/No field issues of D-04034 and D-04035. Using this approach allows us to fix the defect without changing the Schema Version – eliminating any need to coordinate the change by the Act! administrator or IT department. You may read the KB here:
Update 6 is in the works. We'll have more information about its contents soon.


2016-01-23 15:44:20
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