As we launch our new 50% off Handheld Contact (HHC) promotion, I was reminded of the many times hosting customers have asked about the benefits of HHC compared to the Act! Premium Mobile (APM) they get for free as part of their Act! hosting. My standard response is I use both because they each offer different benefits that compliment each other based on the need of that moment.

To provide a more exhaustive explanation of the benefits of the two, we have prepared a chart that high lights the differences, but basically the biggest difference between the two products/services  is one is offline, and the other is online.

SAC_Cloud_NoText_PIPOnline (Act! Premium Mobile) means the following:

  • Greater access to all parts of the database included groups, companies, opportunities

  • Does not rely on syncing so database changes are immediate for the other users

  • No limit to the number of contacts you can access

  • No access to alarms, so it will not alert you to an upcoming activity

  • Can be used to email blast contacts within groups & companies from mobile device

  • Slower access to data and requires login


Offline (HHC) means the following:

  • Super fast access to the data because it resides on your mobile device

  • Allows you to export contacts to native address book

  • Alerts you to upcoming activities

  • Limited to 15K contacts

  • Limited to Contacts & Calendars.


For a broader summary of the differences between HHC and APM, please see the following chart.

  Offline/Online access to database filesOfflineOnline

  Access to Contact & Calendar, Histories & Notes


  Access to Companies, Groups, and Opportunity Tables


  Contact Limit


  Perform Email Blast


  Activity Alerts


  Attach Pictures


  Speed of access

InstantConnectivity Based

  Auto switches to Profile Mode on a Tablet


  Updates to Master Database

Based on SyncInstant

  Ability to export records to native address book of device


  Security in place to cut off data access for past users


  Ability to control which contacts a user sees


  Calls & Emails auto-recorded to History


  Data entry with voice-to-text.


  Access to custom fields

up to 50Unlimited

  History & Notes View

up to 5Unlimited

  Compatible with ACT Premium & Pro


  Supports access from multiple devices per user

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