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Catégorie : News
Écrit par Ken Quigley
2 février 2020

Keystroke is excited to announce that we have just released a new support plan renewal system that enables our customers to renew their VIP and Orange Care support plans autonomously, while rewarding them for "on-time" renewals with an extra 10% discount! On-time renewals simply mean before the expiry date.

That's right, we're not only saving you time, but money, as well. Simply renew before your support plan expiry date, and save 10% on your renewals! And VIP contracts with unused time will automatically see that time rollover. The best part is, this is not a limited time offer. These on-time renewal discounts are available on all our VIP & Orange Care support plans for this year and all future renewals.

That's a lot of savings on plans that will help you Act! better anyway!.

The new online license renewal link is located at the following address, and is extremely simple to use (https://www.keystroke.ca/en/support-renewal.html), or you can simply go to Keystroke.ca, and find it six buttons down below the "Keystroke Client Tools" on the right side of the homepage. 

Renewal Steps

  1. Select the name of the support plan you wish to renew from the drop-down list
  2. Paste in your current contract ID, and click on "Validate
  3. The next screen verifies your support plan details, including upgrade or downgrade options, renewal rate (with a discount if applicable), and renewal date
  4. Select the plan you wish to renew, click "Renew Subscription", and it takes you immediately to our checkout.

As the image below illustrates, the 10% one-time discount is automatically applied.


Six reasons we think our customers will love this online renewal tool

  1. Savings: Saves them time and money
  2. Big Renewal Window: Customers have up to 2-months before their renewal to save 10%, and another 30-days after their renewal to carry forward their unused VIP time
  3. Currency Parity: Canadian & US customers pay at par, so if a US customer pays $175 USD for a VIP, a Canadian customer would pay $175 CAD
  4. Instant Renewals: Never be denied support because the "cheque is in the mail". Online renewals update your plan in our database immediately, so you can start using it right away
  5. Flexibility: You can upgrade or downgrade as your needs dictate
  6. Prorations: Add Orange Care seats easily as our online system will calculate your prorated cost to your next renewal 

As mentioned above, this online renewal tool allows you to renew up to 2-months early, and up to one-month late. For those renewing their VIP plans within the month AFTER the expiry date, their unused time will carry over, but they will not be eligible for the 10% on-time discount. Renewals more than one-month late are considered new contracts and not eligible for discounts.

What could be easier?

Once you complete the checkout process your contract is immediately updated in our database, and you're able to start using your support right away. In cases of Orange Care, if you need to add seat mid-term, you follow the same process and it'll prorate the cost of the new seat(s) to your next renewal date, and add those to your support plan automatically after checkout. Again, it's that simple!

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