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Écrit par Ken Quigley
8 mars 2022

Recently Act! posted a blog with the title "How CRM integrations help grow your business", wherein it described the benefits of 3rd party CRM integrations, along with a number of suggestions for which you would help you get the most from a CRM. While we won't repost their blog content in detail, but the high-level reasons they listed for how CRM integrations can help your business are as follows:

  1. Increased productivity
  2. See all your customers in one place
  3. Streamline your sales and marketing efforts

Needless to say, we do not need to be sold on any of these points. Keystroke is the world leader in developing Act! add-ons, with over one hundred products in the market today. These add-ons offer support for the entire Act! family of products, including Act! CRM, Act! CRM Classic, Act! Premium, Act! Premium Cloud, and finally Act! Pro. The technology used for each of these add-ons is either SDK (software development kit) or WebAPI. The former is the more mature of the two technologies, and generally interacts with the Act! program using plugins that get installed into your desktop. The latter interacts with the data, and can work with both cloud and self-hosted databases.

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In our opinion, the Top 10 Act! integrations can be distilled down into the following categories (with examples of each in parentheses):

  1. Email & E-marketing (Act4outlook, Act4mail, Opt-in Manager, MailMerge4act, Act! Marketing Automation, Qmail, Constant Contact Integration, and Link2list)
  2. Calendar (Link2calendar, QuickTasks)
  3. Video Conferencing (Link2events)
  4. Accounting & Invoicing (Qsales)
  5. Quoting (Link2quotes, Quoting4act, and Qsales)
  6. Project Management (Project KickStart, Webplanner.com, and QuickTasks)
  7. Reporting (Dash, Reporting4act, Link2forms)
  8. Custom Tables (Keystroke Tables, Keystroke Tables-Desktop, and Keystroke Designer)
  9. Automation (Alerts, Knowtifier, and Automator4act)
  10. Mobility (Handheld Contact Classic and Handheld Contact API)

 This list is not intended to be exhaustive, simply the leading sellers from our Keystroke Marketplace, Linktivity.net, and ActAddons.net. For more add-on ideas, please visit each site to learn how you can Act! better.

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