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Catégorie : Actcessories
Écrit par Ken Quigley
15 juin 2020

Act! users understand the power and simplicity of Opportunities for managing their sales pipeline, but most have had to use Microsoft Word or Excel to render their customer-facing quotes. Sure, the process is simple enough for these users, but most acknowledge it is slower, creates duplication of work, and doesn't track the quoting process well within Act!. 

The new & improved Quoting4Act! changes that.

Quoting4act is a easy-to-use  integrated quoting solution that works completely inside of Act!, and allows users to convert their Opportunity details into a quote at the click of a mouse. No more using 3rd party programs, cutting-and-pasting products & services, and then attaching separately to the Opportunity, Quoting4act makes rendering a quote a snap. This leaves your sales people more focused on managing their pipeline and closing deals follow-ups than trying to publish presentable quotes.


With Quoting4act, the process couldn't be simpler.

  1. Start by creating an opportunity, adding your products and services
  2. Once the Opportunity is complete, click Quoting4Act! to launch the Quoting Console (see above illustration)
  3. From within this console, you can stipulate shipping fees, deposits, sales taxes, and even foreign exchange. The Quoting4act "Settings" allow you to embed your company's logo, corporate colours, contact information, tax code, and disclaimer text to create a professional looking PDF quotation any company would be proud to present.
    * These details only need to be configured once, as they will be available for future quotations

  4. Once this information is configured, you can quickly preview the PDF quote, click to save the quote to the Documents Tab under the Opportunity, or click Send to delivery the quote to your prospect, which attaches the email and quote to the History.

    As an added bonus, any revisions you make to the quote can be saved to the Opportunity in the same fashion, showing you how the quote has evolved at each stage of the sales process.
  5. And that's it! You're ready for the next quote!

Still not convinced? Here is a lists of steps Quoting4act saves you versus Word or Excel:

  • Quote numbers are auto-generated each time
  • Shipping and deposit amounts are easily configured on the fly
  • Quoting4act inserts the Opportunity's "Estimated Close Date" into the Quote as the Valid to date
  • Saving the Quote to the Documents Tab is one click
  • Switch from one currency to another at the click of a button, and add Foreign Exchange as easily as a sales tax
  • Choose which products or services have sales tax applied to them with a checkbox
  • All the quote details get saved to History automatically with the mail, but details like deposit, shipping, currency, and quote number are saved to the Opportunity fields so you can see them in the Opportunity Details, and even do look-ups by those same fields.

Stop struggling with Word, Excel, or the built-in quote template in Act! that is both weak and fragile. Quoting4Act! makes quoting as simple as creating an opportunity, and saves your sales people time in creating & sending quotes, and makes them more accountable by automatically attaching all the quote communications to Act!.

Fuel your pipeline and propel your sales with Quoting4Act!.

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