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Catégorie : Actcessories
Écrit par Ken Quigley
12 décembre 2018

MailManager4Act! is a one-stop mail management solution that includes four programs in one, that are all integrated together to provide complete "client-side" email management. And each of these applications have been improved in the new MailManager4Act!, the key ingredients of which are the Opt-in Manager, MergeMail4Act!, Knowtifier Lite, and Act4outlook.

Many programs or services offer a partial solution, whether it be email distribution, permission harvesting, strong design tools, webforms, compliance tools, or advanced email tools, but only MailManager4Act! offers them all, plus it’s designed to integrate directly into Act! in a way few other addons can.

Opt-in Management
Opt-in Manager sends an email to your contacts with a unique weblink where they can quickly and easily record their consent or denial to receive emails from you. Those results are then synced back to your database to help you make better marketing groups based on those who've agreed to receive your emails. Literally thousands of consents can be harvested in minutes.
MailManager can be configured to never send emails to those who’ve declined consent, so you have ongoing client-side suppression for improved legal compliance. What’s more, all MailManager emails can be easily configured with unsubscribe options in the footer, along with the CANSPAM required sender information.

Powerful Desktop Publisher
The built-in desktop publisher can create beautiful HTML emails from scratch, or open HTML files created from other programs, and merge contact or opportunity fields in from Act!. What’s better is your template files can be shared with your whole team because they sync with your database’s other templates – one of the few file formats supported by Act!.
MailManager can also convert your existing Act! templates to work it’s editor, so you can add some design polish to them.

Email Distribution
Send thousands of beautiful HTML emails with MailMerge that are personalized with data from your database. Those emails can be sent with your mail servers or 3rd party providers like MailJet or SendGrid, and employ enhanced delivery options like sending in bunches between intervals. You can even schedule the sends!
And don’t worry about delivery speeds, as MailManager can send up to 10 emails per second with History recording in Act!, and run in the background to allow you unfettered access to your Act! program.

Webforms and Address verifications
Create Webforms to capture new leads from your website that can easily be synced into your database with a click of a button.
Always keep your database accurate with our new address confirmation feature. Simply email your contacts "address verification" requests, where your email reports to the contact the information you have for them, and if it's incorrect, they can update their details in a personalized webform that then syncs that new information back to your database. Your data is always fresh.

Manage Bounced Emails
If you send emails, you're going to get bounces, and MailManager helps you manage them. Configure MailManager to monitor an IMAP folder for bounces, and then convert those bounces into a list. Once compiled, MailManager can use that list to search for all contacts linked to those bounced emails in one step.

Never miss another customer birthday or anniversary again with the Knowtifier as it will reliably send greetings on their special day. Use it also for sales and pipeline follow-ups, as the Knowtifier can also be configured to send notices based on approaching opportunity dates like Estimated Close or Sales Dates.

Send emails Fast with “Email from Stationary”
Ever want to send a personalized email to a lookup of contacts, but don't want to stop and create a template first? Email from stationary allows you to write the email, merge the salutation (and subject line!) on the fly, while using professional looking email stationary headers, signatures, and footers. Mail merging has never been easier or faster!

Superior Act-Outlook integration
If effective, your emarketing is going to produce replies from your contacts, and what better tool to manage those inbox emails than Act4outlook. Easily attach inbound emails to Contact, Group, Company, or even Opportunity History. Do an Act! lookup based on one or more inbox emails, as well as creating Contacts & Activities from emails. And the Act4outlook license is perpetual!


MailManager is the most comprehensive email management solution available for Act! anywhere, while furnishing users with the tools to keep their data accurate, compliant, and primed for your business's marketing needs. What's even better is you have complete control over all content since it's completely client-side managed.


Learn More: https://www.keystroke.ca/en/apps/act4casl.html

Licensing: Subscription
Cost: $20/month, billed annually

Purchase Link: https://www.keystroke.ca/en/brand/Product/mailmanager4act.html



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