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Écrit par Ken Quigley
29 mars 2022

The most common reaction we've had from resellers after demonstrating Link2quotes was "wow, all those features at that price, you're giving it away".

It's true, Link2quotes is a full-featured quoting solution that costs less than a quarter of comparable quoting products, but we felt pretty good about the pricing. At $10/month/user (billed annually), any Act! user could be set up within minutes and deliver, track, and close professional quotes with little or no training. As we like to say, Link2quotes is the quoting solution you already know how to use!

However, as we added more features with each passing week, we started to realize Link2quotes needed the second tier of features, one designed more for sales teams than individuals. A new tier where data, templates, and dashboards could be shared amongst different sales reps, along with additional feature enhancements.

It is in this spirit we'd like to introduce the new Team Edition of Link2quotes, officially slated for release early May 2022. Team Edition will include the following features:

  • Team Administration: A user will be able to setup a Team Edition account and manage all other Team users centrally. This will allow an Admin to re-assign accounts and subscriptions to another user when someone leaves. This ensures no quote data ever get's lost, and unused susbcription time can be re-assigned.
  • Activity Dashboard: Sales Managers can now enjoy complete team visibility of all the quote activities of their sales reps. From quote creation to views, from automated follow-ups to accepted quotes, all activities for their team will be visible in one place. We’ve also organized all the Quote Activity on the Dashboard under each quote, so you’ll see the quote, and then nested beneath that will show all the related activities. This new DDashboard display will be available in Standard and Team tiers, but the Team will display activity from all team sales reps.
    Link2quotes Activity Dashboard
  • Online product database: Link2quotes currently imports products and services from the Act! database product list quickly and easily. However, some teams may wish to download that list to an online product database that can be shared, formatted, and enhanced online for faster quote preparation.
  • Exportable vs Sharable templates: This exportable design template feature will be discontinued in Standard and converted into "sharable templates" with Team tier. 
  • Quote Images: while both tiers will support inserting images into quotes, only the team edition will include an image library you can upload, share, and manage images for your whole team. We're current planning to allocate a Team limit of 100MB's of online storage. The Standard tier includes the ability to insert images with an existing URL
  • Expiring quotes reminder emails: Never miss a selling opportunity with expiring quote notifications. This feature will be introduced for both Standard and Team Edition, and will allow users to configure emailed reminders to both themselves and the users of expiring quotes, triggering some last-minute urgency to close the sale.
  • Boilerplate Quote Templates: Create a boilerplate from any existing quote with “Save As Template” option. Great for quickly creating similar quotes for different people with different quantities. This feature will be available in both Stadnard and Team, but with Team the Saved Templates will be sharable. The addition of Saved Quote Templates will create three different Quote Creation Options:
    • Create Quote from Scratch
    • Create Quote from Opportunity
    • Create Quote from Template
  • Quotas: Another feature that will be added to both tiers is the the ability to track your progress towards your monthly quota. Simply add your individual quota in the settings, and Link2quotes will display a chart showing your progress towards your quota throughout the month, and then reset the next month. The Team Edition will display all Team members progress towards quota.
    Link2quotes Quote Dashboard
  • Batch Updates: and speaking of a new month, ever wish you could update all your expired quotes at the beginning of a new month in one step? Link2quotes will soon support this feature in both tiers.
  • Quote Management Tools: We're adding additional tools for Accepting a quote on a customers behalf (Accept Internally), as well as options for deleting Quotes and then closing the linked Opportunity. Currently if you delete a Quote it will prompt you to Close the Opps as Won, Lost, or Inactive. The Option to also Delete the Opp will be added soon.

The best part of all these extra team features and enhancements is that they'll only cost another $10/month/user. That's right, Link2quotes Team Edition will be available next week for only $20/user/month, which is less than half the cost of comparable quoting products, many with fewer features and less Act! integration.

So don't pay more to get less, upgrade to Link2quotes Team Edition, and sell more together.

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