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Écrit par Ken Quigley
24 mars 2022

In the first week of March, we introduced Link2quotes, the final product in our Linktivity Suite. At the time of launch, Link2quotes was a terrific program that instantly converted existing opportunities into quotes. Since the launch date, though, we realized that for this program to be widely adopted, users needed to be able to do everything within our quoting console, so we added a number of new features to help them more easily create and close quotes.

The new features are as follows:

  1. quote1the ability to add new products to quotes
  2. the ability to add formatted descriptions of products, as well as move them up and down the product list in the quote so they're sorted in an intuitive way
  3. the ability to add section headers and spacers between the different product lines to better present the quote
  4. the ability to make some products mandatory and others optional so prospects can de-select optional ones from their quote if needed
  5. the ability to create a quote from an existing Opportunity, or create a new Opportunity & Quote from scratch
  6. new quote1in the cases of a new Opportunity, we added the ability to search and link contacts to the Opportunity, as well as indicate the process and stage of the Opportunity
  7. In cases of a new Opportunity, you can also add a new contact if they don't exist in your database
  8. More flexible sales tax options were added to allow users to change the applicable sales on a line by line basis
  9. We added the ability to insert running subtotals and percentage upcharges on a line (great for calculating foreign exchange, surcharge, or management fees)
  10. quote2We also added the ability to integrate other Linktivity services into a quote by including the option to add your Link2calendar address, or insert a form from Link2forms
  11. And we added lots of rich text formatting throughout the quotation template to present your quotes as professionally, as possible

For an illustration of the quote process, watch this animated GIF show how easy and intuitive Link2quotes is...

animation stages2

Once the quote is sent, we added quite a few more features to help you close the deal easier too.

  1. L2Q SettingsYou can configure Link2quotes to create a follow-up activity immediately after a quote is created, sent, and/or closed
  2. All quote activity is now tracked in the Activity Dashboard, showing you when a quote is created, sent, opened, and accepted. This activity dashboard can be saved as a Bookmark on your mobile device so you can always check quote activity from anywhere. This quote activity is also written to the Opportunity History
  3. We've also added a Record History option that saves the current quote to History as a PDF so you can always track how your quote evolved during the sales process
  4. When a quote is accepted, it closes the Opportunity as "Won" and sends both the record manager and the customer a copy of the accepted quote with the PDF stamped "accepted" on it, with the date
  5. DashboardTo further validate your accepted quote, we've added a feature that emails the customer a security code to finalize the acceptance process. As this code is ONLY sent to the customer or prospect, they cannot later deny they approved the quote when only they could have entered the acceptance code.
  6. And finally, we added customizable closing text to present to customers after they accept their quote.

Over the next week, we'll also be adding KAPI support for Link2quotes so this powerful online service will be available to all Act! users, including Pro and Perpetual license Premium customers, as well as Act! CRM, Act! CRM Classic, and Act! Premium Cloud.

Like all our Linktivity products, Link2quotes works from anywhere and on any platform. Login to your Linktivity account from a Mac, Tablet, or PC Browser, and create a quote from scratch that includes a new Opportunity and even new Contacts, and your database will be updated instantly. That is the power and speed of the WebAPI and K-API, and that is the power of Link2quotes.

Link2quotes is the simplified professional quoting solution you already know how to use.

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