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Important notice for our customers – COVID-19

Catégorie : Actcessories
Écrit par Ken Quigley
3 décembre 2018

It's been 18-months since Keystroke took over the DesignR1 products and in that time we've invested heavily in updating and improving them - and continue to do so.

We've come to the point, however, where we have to look forward, and focus our efforts on the customers we've sold the licensing to. To that end, Keystroke will be implementing a change to our support policy in 2019 whereby we only offer support or license refreshes to those customers who've bought products directly from us, or indirectly from us through authorized KQC Resellers.
This policy change will not impact the operability of products currently installed, nor will we suppress certain inline product updates to legacy customers (ie., Mapper update was recently available to everyone), but we cannot indefinitely shoulder the technical debt from transactions that predate our ownership of the products.
Thanks for your understanding

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