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Catégorie : Actcessories
Écrit par Ken Quigley
13 janvier 2020

Yes, Act4mail is here!

Act4mail is the API successor to the wildly popular Act4outlook (the top selling Act! add-on of all time) that we've updated to work through the WebAPI. In practical terms, what this means is that users finally have Act4outlook functionality with hosted databases and 64-bit versions of Office. In fact, users with lighter powered computers can simply install Office and Act4mail, and have a lot of the Act-Outlook integration they depend on without Act! being installed locally.

And if that were not enough, Act4mail also supports mail merging to both email and MS Word - something Act4outlook never did!

It's taken awhile, but we're proud to introduce the new Act4mail, and we think you'll find it worth waiting for.

What's unique about Act4Mail vs Act4outlook?

  • Act4mail can work with supported 64-bit versions of MS Office
  • Act4mail can work with local databases using Act! Connect Link or hosted databases using the Act WebAPI, whereas Act4outlook can only work with local or network databases
  • Act4mail requires an Act! subscription, and the user must be assigned the WebAPI permission in the user roles.
  • Act4mail is a subscription, whereas Act4outlook is a perpetual license
  • Act4Mail also includes MailMerge4actWeb which allows you to produce and send beautiful HTML emails easily and safely. No more lost images, or emails that get delivered looking very differently than designed. The built-in publisher in MergeMail4act! allows any user to create attractive emails they'll be proud to send, and easily insert merge codes from your Act! database to ensure a personalised delivery to your recipients. It includes new features for added deliverablility, speed, and HTML file handling. It also includes a new "Message Details" History recording section to help with History bloat from large mail merges.
  • Mail merges do not require Outlook and are sent using your the SMTP service of your own choice.

MailMerge4Act features included in Act4mail:

  • Create/Edit Templates in Rich Text Editor. An easy to use publisher with all the table, graphics, and editing tools you'll need to produce professional looking emails and printed letters
  • Merge To Word or Merge To Email
  • Send Email From Stationery
  • Enhanced CC and BCC controls
  • Configurable Email delivery options that allow you to group emails in batches, and set delays between the batches to improve email delivery success. Keystroke recommends Mailjet.com or Sendgrid.com as third party SMTP providers that can be used in conjunction with your own SMTP servers for larger distributions.

Act4outlook features included in Act4mail:

  • Go to Act! Contact from Outlook
  • Incoming and Outgoing email attaching to History
  • Attach emails to Contact, Company, Group, or Opportunity History in Act!
  • Create Contacts and activities
  • Send one or more Outlook contacts and/or activities to Act!
  • Create reminders in Outlook or on your phone, and then send them to Act! as timeless "To Do's" under your My Record


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