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Écrit par Ken Quigley
1 mai 2022

Act! for Web has evolved significantly over the years to become a fair alternative to the Act! Windows Client. In fact, Act! CRM Classic offers the fastest browser-based performance ever available, but even with all that added speed, many feature differences remain.

The following is a list of features that are still unavailable through a browser with Act! Premium v24:

  • Add additional user licenses to the database
  • Manage field-level security
  • Freeze Columns
  • Show Look For option
  • View the availability of other users when scheduling an activity
  • Add or Edit Activity Resources
  • Edit List Values for the Regarding field when creating an Activity
  • Right-click functionality (presents browser options)
  • File > Print options are not present
  • Create Activity Series
  • Setup and use field triggers
  • Export data (you can use the Export to Excel function from the list view)
  • Create new or edit existing report templates
  • Create new or edit existing Dashboards
  • Customize menus and toolbars
  • Add document attachments as shortcuts
  • Synchronize Act! data with a handheld device
  • Integrate Act! with a supported accounting program
  • E-Mail Document option on the Document tab
  • Email Message (from template)
  • Backup and restore databases
  • Edit Contact Access (Make Public, Make Private, Create Access List, Add or Remove Users/Teams) for multiple contacts
  • Database maintenance (check, repair, reindex, delete)
  • Use of Act! Diagnostics utility
  • Edit phone number format defaults
  • Fax integration
  • Timer
  • Act! Scheduler
  • Import & Export a Product List
  • History is recorded when printing a document (Mail merge directly to the printer does create history).
  • No option to "Open each view in its own window" in Preferences
  • Social Updates
  • Quick Print
  • Lookup > Contact Activity
  • Lookup by Example
  • Cannot edit an individual line of criteria in an existing Advanced Query, need to delete and re-add the line instead
  • Edit default font preferences
  • Layout Designer Limitations
    • Change the width of the layout
    • Cannot click and drag to select multiple fields

General Browser Limitations

  • The Act! Word Processor is not available
  • Right-Click shortcut menu not available

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