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Exclusive Keystroke Payment Plans

We are thrilled to be able to officially debut the Act! 6-month payment plan that you can now use to subscribe to select ACT! products! 

The specifics are below but in short, this is a fantastic opportunity for small business people, like yourself, that want to take advantage of the power of Act!, but found the up front cost too burdensome to budget. That obstacle has now been removed!

The new Act! Payment Plan allows you to pay for Act! in one of three different ways

Please note that the "annual prepayment" plan & the "3 equal payment" plan both include two months free. The "quarterly" and "six month payment" plans have the same monthly charge, but include payments for all twelve months. No interest is applied to any of these plans. All prices quoted are in USD. Canadian consumers paying in CAD are subject to a Foreign exchange, and local sales tax are applicable regardless of currency.

6 Equal Monthly Installments

over a half year, interest free, while receiving the ACT! serial numbers within 24-hours of your order (not eligible for annual pre-payment discount)

Pay Quarterly

with first payment due at time of order (not eligible for annual pre-payment discount)

3 Equal Payments

spread over 60-days. One third upfront, the second third in 30-days, and the final third in 60-days (eligible for annual pre-payment discount)
All three options allow you to order Act! today, get Act! today, but select a payment plan of your convenience.

Act! Now! There's never been a better time to get organized and productive with Act!

Here are the Specifics

  1. Minimum order is $1,000 to ACT! (exclusive of labour & sales taxes where applicable). Keystroke may make exceptions at it's sole discretion.
  2. This offer is only for Act! subscription products ( ie., ACT! Premium License Subscription and Act! Hosting). Act! Pro excluded.
  3. The customer pays Keystroke directly via credit card whose expiry date is later than the end of the payment plan.
  4. Customer is billed upfront by Keystroke, and the eligible payment plan purchases are then charged to their credit card based on their select plan. 
  5. No interest is charged by Keystroke, but customers selecting the first of the two options above are not eligible for annual pre-payment benefits.
  6. No discount beyond current published promotions will be allowed
  7. Foreign Exchange Fees, where applicable, are charged at time of purchase and are not variable with time of payments.

Enter "Act! payment plan" in the "Special Instructions" section during the online checkout if you'd like to take advantage of one of these convenient, interest free, payment plans.

Click a slice of Act! below to shop online

Click a slice of Act! below to shop online

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