Below you will find a list of Free ACT! addons that you can use with your ACT! database, the listing below shows a description of each addon in addition to which version(s) of ACT! each addon is compatible with.
Feel free to browse this section and download any addon(s) that you like, if you are looking for other products by Xact Software then visit their Website.

Important note for addon installs on ACT! 2013 and above:
Some free ACT addons are not visilbe in ACT!. To prevent this you must ensure that the addon file you download is not blocked before installing the product. 

After downloading and unzipping the addon right click on the .dll file and go to "Properties > General tab" and hit the "unblock" button (view image). If the .dll file has not been blocked there will be no unblock button visible.
Once you have confirmed that the .dll file is unblocked you can install the product as per the README file.










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