That's right, Act 2010 users or older can now qualify for upgrade pricing until April 12th - a savings of 24%.

As SQL2005 approaches end of life, there has never been a better time to upgrade than now. Save on your software costs, protect your data, and get yourself compatible with the latest browsers, Office Suites, and operating systems. Act! Now and save!



  • Are you aware SQL 2005 is scheduled for sunset on April 12, 2016?

  • Are you also aware that versions Act! 2007 through to 2010 are powered by SQL 2005, and will cease to receive critical security updates and patches after April 12th, which puts all user's data at risk?




Don't put your data at risk when support ends for SQL 2005, upgrade to the faster, better SQL 2014 that comes with Act! Subscription, and we'll make it easier and cheaper!

Upgrade before April 12th, and we'll slash the price on the Act! software,
Handheld Contact, and the labour.



Yup, we're not holding anything back for this sale. If you're still using a version of Act! 2010 or older, we'll make this upgrade process as painless as possible. Upgrade through Keystroke to any Act! subscription service between now and March 31st, 2016, and you'll get the following exclusive Keystroke benefits:





  • Get "Upgrade Pricing!": As the owner of an obsolete version of Act!, you would normally miss out on the 24% savings "Loyalty" customers are entitled to, but from now until April 12th, Keystroke is offering "Upgrade pricing", which is 24% savings on all Act! subscription products, including Act! Subscription (excluding Act! Premium Cloud).
    That's a savings of $60 per user in the first year, and every year after!

  • Save on your Handheld Contact: The best mobile solution for Act! just got better! Handheld Contact put's the power of Act! on your phone or tablet, and now you can save 50% on the cost for as long as you're a Keystroke customer with an active subscription service.
    Again, that's a savings of almost $40 per user each year!

  • Save on Installation help: Need Help upgrading your software? How does an hour of free expert remote assistance sound?
    That's an initial savings of $145, with more savings available with our VIP Plans.


Aside from the savings, why would you want to upgrade at all? If it ain't broke, after all, why fix it? Well that old chestnut doesn't really apply to software, and here's why.

  • SQL 2005 will stop being supported: Microsoft will stop updating or patching SQL 2005, which means you better remove all your Act! 2010 (or older) computers from the Internet, and start working with Act! offline to ensure the safety of your data. No Anti-Virus or Firewall will help protect an unsupported version of SQL to known vulnerabilities.

  • Compatibility: Act! 2010 will never be made compatible with Windows 10 or Office 2013/2016. In other words, if you have to replace a computer for any reason, there is a good chance that you won’t be able to get Act! working properly on it.

  • Windows 10. It’s coming to a theatre near you: Did you know that the Microsoft’s free upgrade to Windows 10 promotion(which has thus far included more than 110 million PC’s) ends on July 29th. And before that time Microsoft will try harder and harder to upgrade user's computers to Windows 10 through Windows Updates.


As the #1 Act! Reseller in the world, we're committed to helping our customers, and we believe helping sometimes amounts to more than words - sometimes it means both time and money, and with this promotion we're committing both.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at 416-499-3090 or toll free at 800-857-0558, and ask for This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (ext. 301), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (ext. 311), Rebecca (ext. 309), or Nav (ext. 306).





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