Tailor-SolutionsRecently we had a customer invest fairly heavily in a large ACT deployment with hosting, and the roll out along with the advance customization went smoothly. Their team of twenty we all deployed with a combination of Windows and Web access to their database, and the appropriate security measures implemented to protect their business.

After about the two months the sales manager contact us with a big concern. They had just discovered that the limited access they had placed on the company table was still leaving the companies in the list visible to everyone. We explained that the security within ACT prevents blocked users from drilling down into the company for details, but it leaves the name of that company greyed out and visible. This, unfortunately, was not acceptable to the customer because for him the names of these companies were just as much a security issue as the details of each, and he needed a resolution or they'd be forced to reassess the whole deployment.

With this mission in mind, our in-house programmers went to work on a Thursday afternoon and actually had a working solution for both Windows and Web by the end of business the next day. The customer was ecstatic, and redoubled in their commitment to the ACT product, and by extension their service provider.

A terrific success story that we're proud of, but a reminder to anyone considering ACT for their business that the vendor matters. Yes, the price savings to be had with us are nice, but as the #1 reseller of ACT in North America, we have the resources to tailor fit the program to your unique needs, even when the program wasn't designed to do what you need it to do.

2015-02-04 11:25:03
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